Long before Joy Adamson wrote the book about Elsa the lioness,
before the first African National park was ever founded,
an incredible story had taken place…

The documentary THE ARK OF LIGHTS AND SHADOWS shares not only the remarkable life story and work of Martin + Osa Johnson,
but also their modern ideas, which included contemporary concepts of humanism and environmental protection.

Their story is a valuable testimony of the pitfalls and challenges of every period we live in. Martin + Osa Jonhson experienced many rises and falls, dispelled many myths, fought prejudice, but there were times when they clashed with more powerful opponents, such as Hollywood and finally, life itself.

The state-wide film festival premieres of Ark of Lights and Shadows, the new documentary about Martin and Osa Johnson by Czech Republic filmmaker Jan Svatoš, begin in October.  As a kickoff and a thank you, the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum is pleased to announce that the artist has granted the right to have the official pre-premiere in Chanute, Kansas on explorer Martin Johnson’s birthday.

The museum has scheduled the free film showing with a special live, virtual introduction by Svatoš at 7pm on Tuesday, October 9th at the Memorial Auditorium. This is the perfect special film venue as since 1925, the auditorium has played host to Martin and Osa Johnson in person for many of their own documentary film performances, it was the location of the public funeral for Martin Johnson in 1937 and it was the theatre site that Osa Johnson had wanted to be the official premiere of her 1940 Hollywood feature, I Married Adventure.

The goal of this special showing is to encourage people help spread the word of the regional festival showings being presented in October and help support the work of Svatoš and other independent filmmakers in the spirit of Martin and Osa Johnson. The Kansas International Film Festival (KIFF) will show Ark of Lights and Shadows on Monday, October 15 at 5:15pm at the Glenwood Arts Theater in Overland Park, Kansas, and the Tallgrass Film Festival (TFF) will feature the film on Friday, Oct 19 at Wichita Public Library and again on Sunday, October 21 at the Wilke Family Center.  Museum Director Conrad Froehlich is scheduled to appear at both Wichita screenings. To learn more about festival ticket information, please contact KIFF and TFF directly. For more information on US showings, as well as those in Australia, China, Finland, and Kenya, please refer to the film’s official website at http://en.archafilm.com.  For questions on the Tuesday, October 9th presentation here in Chanute, please call 620-431-2730.