Each month the museum hosts speakers and programs that highlight amazing travel locales and historic points of interest.
These programs are FREE to the public, and are typically held at the Safari Museum in our 2nd floor Johnson Gallery.

The Fall 2017 Series includes:

Thursday September 28 at 7pm: Canada with Warren Alford.  As a boy, Warren Alford knew Martin and Osa Johnson and visiting with them on their trips home to Chanute inspired a lifelong love of travel and photography.  Warren has traveled to dozens of countries, and has just returned from another trip through the wilds of Canada.  Many people have the desire to travel but worry about doing so due to their inexperience.  In the spirit of Martin and Osa making the roughest trips seem like a cake walk, Warren is set to impress seasoned travelers while encouraging would be explorers to take to the open roads of our neighbor to the North…and to take some really great photos along the way.
Thursday, October 19 at 7pm : Sydney with Jay Witt.  Jay is a Safari Museum Board Trustee and last year he regaled our audiences with an amazing travelogue on Hong Kong.  This time he is going to take us all on a trip to Sydney, and we bet, make some very good beer recommendations between each of his always stellar travel photos and insightful stories.
Thursday, November 9 at 6:30: Paradise Can Still Be Found with museum curator Jacquelyn Borgeson Zimmer, her husband Lloyd Zimmer, and longtime museum volunteer Ann Neff.  This trio has just returned from retracing Martin and Osa Johnson’s footsteps in Kenya from Nairobi to Lake Turkana to the Great Rift Valley to Lake Paradise.  Then and Now shots from this trip teamed with Martin and Osa’s expedition collection will be shown at this travelogue, with many to be published in the next WAB news.