emlb-sb-5-bicycle-trip-lizzie-album-cover-with-introAll photos circa 1892 to 1896

From traveling about Italy taking in horse & buggy lectures & photographing the grand ruins to initiating & recording perhaps one of the earliest Bicycling Tours of its kind in history, the photos here show Lizzie, who was newly widowed again, on perhaps one of her happiest and most liberated adventures.

This album includes photos of people, landscapes, architecture (of Italy, and including temples, ruins, etc both known and unknown) & sports including bicycling.
emlb-sb-5_001EMLB SB 5 5.1 “Forum & Column of Trajan. The column was erected in A.D. 114 by the Senate and people of Rome to show the depth of earth removed by the Emperor to make his from, the earth having formerly been as high as the top of the column. The statue of St. Peter was put on the top by Sixtus V.” View of column with domed structure in background. Number 1294 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, statues
emlb-sb-5_002EMLB SB 5 5.2 “Column of Marcus Aurelius Found on Monte Citorio in 1709. T6 was originally erected by the senate and people in A.D. 174 to the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus.The statue of St Paul on the top was erected by Sixties V.” Closer view of column with people around it. Number 1295 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, statues
emlb-sb-5_003EMLB SB 5 5.3 “Forum of Trajan.” Smaller photo with column cut-off.
Subjects: ruins
emlb-sb-5_004ELMB SB 5 5.4 “The Arch of Constantine. The upper bas reliefs illustrate the life of Trajan and were taken by Constantine from an arch of Trajan.” Arch with Colosseum in background. Number 1266 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, statues, archways

emlb-sb-5_005EMLB SB 5 5.5 “Arch of Janus. This has four equal sides and arches turned to the four points of the compass.” 3 men silhouetted against arch.
Subjects: ruins, archways, statues
emlb-sb-5_006EMLB SB 5 5.6 “The arch of Drusus at the beginning of the Via Appia.” Smaller photo with very shadowed arch. Number 1270 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, archways
emlb-sb-5_007EMLB SB 5 5.7 “The arch of Titus. Erected by the senate to commemorate the taking of Jerusalem. Bas reliefs represent the seven branched candlestick and other Jewish treasures.” Angled view of arch with iron gate and lamp post in foreground. Number 1267 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, archways, Jewish
emlb-sb-5_008EMLB SB 5 5.8 “The arch of Titus and the capitol.” View of arch with long walkway going through.
Subjects: ruins, archways
emlb-sb-5_009EMLB SB 5 5.9 “Arch of Septimus Severus. Erected A.D. 204 by the silversmiths who had their shops in the Forum Boarium on this very spot. The part of the inscription relating to the murdered Geta was (as on the large arch) obliterated.” Building with a lot of relief decoration.
Subjects: archways, ruins, relief carving
emlb-sb-5_010EMLB SB 5 5.10 “Arch of Septimus Severus, near the Forum Romanum. Erected in A.D. 205 by the senate and people to the Emperor and his two sons, Geta and Caracalla. The door low down to the extreme right is the entrance to the Mamertine prison. The columns to the left belonged to the Temple of Vespasian. Behind is the capitol.” Full view of arch, with many buildings behind it. Number 1269 written on back.
Subjects: archways, ruins, prison
emlb-sb-5_011 EMLB SB 5 5.11 “Baths of Caracalla. Begun in A.D. 212 and finished by Alexander Severus. They could accomodate 1600 bathers at once and were one mile in circumference.” Row of arches. Number 1265 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, archways, baths

emlb-sb-5_012 EMLB SB 5 5.12 “In this hall was found the immense mosaic of the Pugilists, now in the Lateran.” Interior view of baths. Number 1259 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, baths

emlb-sb-5_013 EMLB SB 5 5.13 “A piece of the mosaic flooring of the Baths of Caracalla. Child and dolphin.” Mosaic of child possibly riding dolphin with reins in one hand and whip in the other. Number 1261 written on back.
Subjects: baths, ruins, mosaic tiles
emlb-sb-5_014EMLB SB 5 5.14 “The Farnese Flora, Hercules and Bull and many other works of art were found here.” Horse attached to wagon stopping to get a drink from well. Number 1260 written on back.
Subjects: ruins
emlb-sb-5_015EMLB SB 5 5.15 “From the tower of the Capitol. St Peters. Castor and Pollux.” Photo taken from tower in St. Peter’s. View of Rome. Number 1280 written on back.
Subjects: Rome, city life
emlb-sb-5_016EMLB SB 5 5.16 “General view near the Forum Romanum.” Couple sitting amongst ruins. Number 1288 written on back.
Subjects: ruins
emlb-sb-5_017EMLB SB 5 5. 17 “Mending the ruins near the temple of Vesta.” Construction site. Man on ladder in foreground. Number 1287 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, construction
emlb-sb-5_019EMLB SB 5 5.19 “From the Palatine Hill. Capitol. Arch of Severus. Temple of Vespasian. Column of Phocas. Porticus Deorum. Consentium. Forum Romanum.” View of ancient Rome. Number 1282 written on back.
Subjects: Rome, ruins, archways
emlb-sb-5_020EMLB SB 5 5.20 “Statue of Marcus Aurelius said to be the finest ancient bronze equestrian statue in existance.” View of statue with people around it. Number 1290 written on back.
Subjects: statues, bronze casting

emlb-sb-5_021EMLB SB 5 5. 21 “The Tarpean rock.” Photo back-dropped by large stone wall with multiple lines of white sheets drying. Number 1289 written on back.
Subjects: ruins
emlb-sb-5_022EMLB SB 5 5. 22 “The freshness of an ancient inscription.” Rock with lettering in front, columned structure in background. Number 1281 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, columns

emlb-sb-5_023EMLB SB 5 5.23 “The Basilica of Constantine.” A large three-arched structure in background with stone ruins surrounding.
Subjects: archways, ruins

emlb-sb-5_024EMLB SB 5 5.24 “The Forum of Nerva.” Large-stoned rustic building with ornate columns and capitals. Number 1291 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, columns
emlb-sb-5_025EMLB SB 5 5.25 “Temple of Vesta.” Small photo taken from an elevated distance with a many arched structure in background.
Subjects: ruins, archways, temple
emlb-sb-5_026EMLB SB 5 5.26 “Temple of Vespasian. Temple of Saturn. Arch of Severus.” Ornate columns and capitals in foreground make up the two temples with domed building in center background. Number 1276 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, temple, archways
emlb-sb-5_027EMLB SB 5 5.27 “Near the Forum Romanum. Base relief illustrating the burning of bonds on the remission of debts due to the Treasury. Discovered in September 1873.” large stone slab relief portraying aligned figures in motion. Number 1278 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, relief carving
emlb-sb-5_028EMLB SB 5 5.28 “The Theatre of Marcellus. Now the residense of Prince Orsini.” People, and a horse and carriage, standing on cobble-stoned road looking at camera with backdrop of rustic building.
Subjects: horse drawn carriage, street life
emlb-sb-5_029EMLB SB 5 5.29 “To the right; the three sacrificial animals. To the left, Trajan making provisions for the children of poor citizens.” Two large ornamented reliefs, one on the right shows the carvings of a pig, sheep, and cow. Number 1277 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, relief carving
emlb-sb-5_030EMLB SB 5 5.30 “Old and new Rome.” View of housing, windows with shelves full of plants.
Subjects: street life
emlb-sb-5_031EMLB SB 5 5.31 “Shipping wine on the Tiber.” Boats on river.
Subjects: sailboats, river
emlb-sb-5_032EMLB SB 5 5.32 “St Peters.” Distant view of basilica with obelisk in front.
Subjects: basilica, obelisk
emlb-sb-5_033EMLB SB 5 5.33 “The Ponte Rotto.” View of river and bridge in background. Number 1296 written on back.
Subjects: Ponte Rotto, Tiber River
emlb-sb-5_034EMLB SB 5 5.34 No Caption. View of St Peters and colonnade enclosing piazza.
Subjects: piazza, St. Peters
emlb-sb-5_035EMLB SB 5 5.35 “On the Appian way. The Appian way was begun in B. C. 312 by Appius Claudius. To the left, amongst the trees, the tombs of the Horati and Curatii. Some old pavement in the foreground.” View of road with ruins and cypress trees. Number 1271 written on back.
subjects: ruins, tombs, cypress trees
emlb-sb-5_036EMLB SB 5 5.36 View of winding cobble-stoned road. Horsedrawn wagon in lower right-hand corner. Number 1272 written on back.
Subjects: cobble stone road, horse drawn wagon
emlb-sb-5_037EMLB SB 5 5.37 “The via Appia, looking towards Rome.” View of road with horse and wagon coming towards viewer. Number 1275 written on back.
Subjects: cobble stone road, horse drawn wagon
emlb-sb-5_038EMLB SB 5 5.38 “The temple of Romulus.” Landscape view. Tall tower in upper right-hand corner. Number 1274 written on back.
Subjects: temple, ruins
emlb-sb-5_039EMLB SB 5 5.39 “Tomb of Cecilia Metella.” Distant view. Can see round structure coming up ahead. Number 1276 written on back.
Subjects: tombs
emlb-sb-5_040EMLB SB 5 5.40 “Tomb of Cecilia Metella.” Close-up view of side of structure.
Subjects: tomb, ruins
emlb-sb-5_041EMLB SB 5 5.41 “Castle of St Angelo. Modern Rome.” More modern building in background. People out walking. Arched metal bridge visible.
Subjects: castle, ruins, bridge
emlb-sb-5_043EMLB SB 5 5.43 “Tivoli and temple of the Cybele.” View above trees, temple in distant background towards upper left-hand corner.
Subjects: temple
emlb-sb-5_044EMLB SB 5 5.44 “Castle of St. Angelo, or tomb of the Emperor Hadrian.” Bridge leading up to large round castle with a large clock on exterior.
Subjects: castle, tomb, bridge
emlb-sb-5_045EMLB SB 5 5.45 “The so-called temple of Vesta, suppose to have been that of Mater Matula, or that of Hercules attended to by Festus.” Large round structure surrounded by colonnade. Number 1292 written on back.
Subjects: temple, ruins
emlb-sb-5_046EMLB SB 5 5.46 “Marketplace. Tivoli.” View with Man leaning against building behind two relief slabs. Number 1299 written on back.
Subjects: relief carvings
emlb-sb-5_047EMLB SB 5 5.47 “Trees in front, maybe temple in background.” More landscape view with trees in foreground with ruins in background. Number 1298 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, temple
emlb-sb-5_048EMLB SB 5 5.48 “Temple of Fortuna, perhaps the most ancient temple in Rome.” Temple on left-hand side with clock tower in background. Number 1293 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, temple, clock tower
emlb-sb-5_049EMLB SB 5 5.49 “Below the Palatine: brick work and pavement.” Darker tunnel view with pathway under multiple arches. Woman in shawl in front. Number 1286 written on back.
Subjects: archway
emlb-sb-5_050EMLB SB 5 5.50 “Gardens of Villa d’Este, Tivoli.” View from above with trees including cypress. Number 1301 written on back.
Subjects: gardens, cypress trees
emlb-sb-5_051EMLB SB 5 5.51 “Gardens of Villa d’Este Tivoli.” View of waterfall falling from structure into pools flanked by tall urns. Number 1300 written on back.
Subjects: gardens, waterfalls
emlb-sb-5_052EMLB SB 5 5.52 “Passage under the Palatine.” Another tunnel with windows providing light. Number 1283 written on back.
Subjects: tunnels, archways
emlb-sb-5_053EMLB SB 5 5.53 “A hall under the Palatine.” Waterfall falling into a pool
Subjects: tunnels, waterfalls
emlb-sb-5_054EMLB SB 5 5.54 “On the Palatine. Below are the ruins of the palace of the Caesars.” Large tree and walkway. Number 1284 written on back.
Subjects: ruins
emlb-sb-5_055EMLB SB 5 5.55 “On the Palatine. The way broken fragments are preserved.” View of fragmented carved stone structures.
Subjects: ruins
emlb-sb-5_056EMLB SB 5 5.56 “Ancient and modern.” Man in bowler hat leaning against carved stone fragment, bag is hanging over his shoulder.
Subjects: ruins, bowler hat
emlb-sb-5_057EMLB SB 5 5.57 “Gardens of villa d’Este, Tivoli.” Walkway with over-arching trees. Sunlight beaming through. Number 1302 written on back.
Subjects: walkway, trees, sunlight
emlb-sb-5_058EMLB SB 5 5.58 “Terrace of Villa d’Este, Tivoli.” Terrace bordered with rough stones, trees on other side.
Subjects: terrace, rough stones, trees
emlb-sb-5_059EMLB SB 5 5.59 “The road to Ostia from Rome.” Road with leafless trees, long wooden fence borders on right side
Subjects: roads
emlb-sb-5_060EMLB SB 5 5.60 “In the grounds of Villa Pamphili Doria.” View of trees bordering body of water with ducks floating on top.
Subjects: grounds, water, ducks
emlb-sb-5_061EMLB SB 5 5.61 “By the entrance to the Pincian hill. The column is alone ancient.” Long column with armor and shield sculpture on top.
Subjects: ruins, columns, statues
emlb-sb-5_062EMLB SB 5 5.62 “St Peters from Villa Doria.” View of basilica from a distance, garden surrounded by wooden fence in foreground.
Subjects: garden, St. Peters

emlb-sb-5_063EMLB SB 5 5.63 “The Coliseum. Begun in A.D. 72. Finished by Titus after his return from Jerusalem.” View taken from interior of Coliseum. Number 1264 written in back.
Subjects: coliseum, ruins, archways
emlb-sb-5_064EMLB SB 5 5.64 “Sprinkling the earth near the Coliseum previous to excavating it.” Man in hat spraying ground with water. Written on back is, “Preparing/ground at Rome previous to excavating.” The number 574 is also written, next to “N & N”—circled, below that is “Mrs.
LeBlond”-written. Also, “The Traveler” is stamped on the back. In album, an X is next to photo.
Subjects: coliseum, ruins

emlb-sb-5_065EMLB SB 5 5.65 “Excavations by the Coliseum.” Men at work excavating ground around the exterior of the Coliseum. Number 1265 written on back.
Subjects: coliseum, ruins, archways
emlb-sb-5_067EMLB SB 5 5.67 “The Coliseum: Showing the vaults.” View of interior of Coliseum. number 1263 written on back.
Subjects: coliseum, ruins, archways
emlb-sb-5_068EMLB SB 5 5.68 “From Tivoli.” Taken from high above. Landscape shot.
Subjects: landscape
emlb-sb-5_069EMLB SB 5 5.69 “Tivoli.” Man in hat and jacket leaning against a building with relief containing cherubs.
Subjects: relief craving, ruins, cherubs
emlb-sb-5_070EMLB SB 5 5.70 “From the top of the coliseum.” View of top of Coliseum.
Subjects: ruins, coliseum
emlb-sb-5_071EMLB SB 5 5.71 “Masks. Ancient Ostia.” Stone cubes with mask faces carved in.
Subjects: ruins, stone carvings
emlb-sb-5_072EMLB SB 5 5.72 “The Forum. Ostia.” Columns with Corinthian capitals.
Subjects: columns, ruins
emlb-sb-5_073EMLB SB 5 5.73 “Modern Ostia.” View of large stone building. Surrounding pasture with horses in view.
Subjects: horses
emlb-sb-5_074EMLB SB 5 5.74 “Baths at Ostia.” Large capitals with headless statue in niche behind.
Subjects: ruins, statues
emlb-sb-5_075EMLB SB 5 5.75 “Naples, Poretici etc. from the road to Vesuvius.” View taken from cliff. City seen in background. Orchard to the left. Number 1252 written on back.
Subjects: landscape, orchard
emlb-sb-5_076EMLB SB 5 5.76 “Vesuvius from near Poretici.” Horse in right-hand corner with volcano in background.
Subjects: volcano, horses

emlb-sb-5_077EMLB SB 5 5.77 “On the road to Vesuvius.” Road with rocky terrain on either side. Standing doorway structure.
Subjects: roads, volcano
emlb-sb-5_078EMLB SB 5 5.78 “Vesuvius and the lava stream of 1871.” Large view of the volcano. Number 1251 written on back.
Subjects: lava, volcano
emlb-sb-5_079EMLB SB 5 5.79 “Landing from the steamer at Sorrento.” Men in boats with oars taking passengers. Number 1253 written on back.
Subjects: water, boats
emlb-sb-5_080EMLB SB 5 5.80 “Off Sorrento.” Boats on the water with city in background. Number 1254 written on back.
Subjects: water, boats, cliffs
emlb-sb-5_081EMLB SB 5 5.81 “Capri from the sea.” Island with sea surrounding.
Subjects: island, water, sea
emlb-sb-5_082EMLB SB 5 5.82 “Capri from the sea.” Closer view of island from sea.
Subjects: island, water, sea
emlb-sb-5_083EMLB SB 5 5.83 “Capri.” City view. People and horse and cart in street. Large white building with tower in background.
Subjects: city view, horses, horse drawn cart
emlb-sb-5_084 EMLB SB 5 5.84 “Capri.” Street scene. Woman with large bundle of sticks propped on head. Large palm tree in background.
Subjects: city view, palm tree
emlb-sb-5_085EMLB SB 5 5.85 “In Capri.” Man leaning against wall wearing a golfing tam hat.
Subjects: city view
emlb-sb-5_086EMLB SB 5 5. 86 “Village of Capri.” View of long path leading up to a hilltop village
Subjects: city view, pathway
emlb-sb-5_087EMLB SB 5 5.87 “Castle of St. Elmo.” View of large stone castle. Sign on building labeled “Depot Ceneral.”
Subjects: stone castle
emlb-sb-5_088EMLB SB 5 5.88 “Naples from Vomero.” Shoreline view of Napels
Subjects: shoreline, water, sea
emlb-sb-5_089EMLB SB 5 5.89 “From near the castle of St. Elmo, Naples.” Large stone staircase leading up to castle.
Subjects: stone staircase, stone castle
emlb-sb-5_090EMLB SB 5 5.90 “Temple of Neptune, Paestum. Said to be the finest Greek temple in the world after the temples at Athens.” Large ancient temple. Columns holding up a large tympanum. Number 1255 written on back.
Subjects: temple, ruins, columns
emlb-sb-5_091EMLB SB 5 5.91 “The guardian’s daughter.” Picture of a young woman standing with hands on hips.
Subjects: portrait
emlb-sb-5_092EMLB SB 5 5.92 “From the Temple of Neptune.” Taken from inside the temple. Large columns all around.
Subjects: temple, ruins, columns
emlb-sb-5_093EMLB SB 5 5.93 “Side aisle, temple of Neptune.” Another interior view. Taken from aisle, colonnade of large tiered columns running down aisle, people at the end.
Subjects: temple, ruins, columns
emlb-sb-5_094EMLB SB 5 5. 94 “Central aisle, Temple of Neptune.” Another interior aisle view. Number 1256 written on back.
Subjects: temple, ruins, columns
emlb-sb-5_095EMLB SB 5 5.95 “Basilica, Paestum.” “The capitals of the columns are of a peculiar form, not elsewhere met with.” View of top of columns with the “peculiar” capitals.
Subjects: ruins, columns
emlb-sb-5_096EMLB SB 5 5.96 “Side aisle, temple of Neptune.” Side aisle with people walking down it.
Subjects: temple, columns, ruins
emlb-sb-5_097EMLB SB 5 5.97 “In the temple of Neptune.” Picture of two young children, a boy and a girl.
Subjects: temple, childern
emlb-sb-5_098EMLB SB 5 5.98 “Porta Marina, Pompei. To the right the entrance for carriages, to the left for foot passengers.” View of two stone archways. One on the right is larger than the one on the left. Number 1232 written on back.
Subjects: archways, ruins
emlb-sb-5_099EMLB SB 5 5.99 “Fountain in the house of Marcus Lucretius.” View of steps leading up to statue of figure in arched niche. Number 1243 written on back.
Subjects: fountains, ruins
emlb-sb-5_100EMLB SB 5 5.100 “Pipes and taps still in place. House of Marcus Lucretius.” Side shot of fountain, on either side long columns with figurative heads placed on top. Number 1244 written on back.
Subjects: fountains, statues, columns

emlb-sb-5_101EMLB SB 5 5.101 “The Basilica, Pompei.” Ruins of basilica. Can see the exterior stone wall and interior colonnade. Number 1230 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, stone wall
emlb-sb-5_102EMLB SB 5 5.102 “Temple of Jupiter and triumphal arches.” Temple ruins and view of two arches. Number 1231 written on back.
Subjects: temple, archways, ruins
emlb-sb-5_103EMLB SB 5 5.103“Bakehouse.” Interior shot. Large oven (looks like a fireplace). Number 1242 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, bakehouse
emlb-sb-5_104EMLB SB 5 5. 104 “Street corner, showing fountain, marble counters and ancient pavement.” Large fountain in foreground, stone structures along paved pathway. Number 1234 written on back.
Subjects: stone blocks, ruins, fountains
emlb-sb-5_105EMLB SB 5 5.105 “Excavating a new house.” See people carrying baskets and the interior of home being built. Number 1246 written on back.
Subjects: construction
emlb-sb-5_106EMLB SB 5 5.106 “Part of the new house.” Bench flanked by two stone columns in foreground. Number 1249 written on back.
Subjects: construction, columns
emlb-sb-5_107EMLB SB 5 5.107 “House of Cornelius Rufus.” Column with bust on top and other remains of house. Two decorative lion relief sculptures in foreground. Number 1235 written on back.
Subjects: columns, statues
emlb-sb-5_108EMLB SB 5 5.108 “New house.” Behind the bench appears to be the remains of frescoed walls.
Subjects: ruins, frescoed wall
emlb-sb-5_109EMLB SB 5 5.109 “Newly excavated house.” Men walking above ground several tables and columns shown. Number 1250 written on back.
Subjects: ruins, columns
emlb-sb-5_110EMLB SB 5 5.110 “Street of tombs without the Herculanium Gate.” See large stone tombs. Interior made of brick with a highly decorated marble veneer. Number 1250 written on back.
Subjects: stone tombs, ruins
emlb-sb-5_111EMLB SB 5 5.111 “Hot air bath. Erected (according to an inscription) at a cost of £39.” Man posed seated on edge of bath. Number 1237 written on back.
Subjects: bath
emlb-sb-5_112EMLB SB 5 5. 112 “The newly excavated house.” More columns, a few figurine sculptures. Number 1248 written on back.
Subjects: columns, statues
emlb-sb-5_113EMLB SB 5 5.113“In the newly excavated house.” Again, columns and a few sculptures. Number 1247 written on back.
Subjects: columns, sculptures

emlb-sb-5_114EMLB SB 5 5.114 “Undressing room at the Baths, with niches for clothes.” Large room with decorative barrel vaulted ceiling. Number 1236 written on back.
Subjects: vaulted ceiling

emlb-sb-5_115EMLB SB 5 5.115 “A mosaic fountain.” Fountain decorated with mosaics. Small sculpted child figure in center. Number 1239 written on back.
Subjects: mosaics, sculptures

emlb-sb-5_116EMLB SB 5 5.116 “House at Pompeii.” See sculpture of woman posed with arm extended outward holding something in hand.
Subjects: Pompeii, sculptures
emlb-sb-5_117EMLB SB 5 5.117 “Statues in the garden of the house of Marcus Lucretius.” See statue of satyr with flute and a young boy. Other statues in the background. Number 1245 written on back.
Subjects: statues, sculptures, garden
emlb-sb-5_118EMLB SB 5 5.118 “Altar in a house at Pompei.” Gate around an ornamented marble altar. Number 1240 written on back.
Subjects: alter, Pompeii
emlb-sb-5_120EMLB SB 5 5.120 “A statue at Pompei.” Statue of veiled woman in heavily draped robe.
Subjects: statues, Pompeii
emlb-sb-5_121EMLB SB 5 5.121 “A painted wall.” Fresco of 2 figures. One possibly has wings.
Subjects: fresco

Written on page adjacent to photographs is:
The following photographs may serve to illustrate a tour with bicycles made during the spring of 1896. I was accompanied during the time between March 14th and June 9th by two friends, Lottie and Tony Dod, and we were occasionally joined by two other friends, Mr. H.W. Topham and Mr. E. Oppenheim.
Our route from St. Moritz and the places at which we stayed will be easily seen from the notes following. We rode about _____ miles during the time.
emlb-sb-5_122EMLB SB 5 5.122 No Caption. Lottie Dod on bicycle.
Subjects: bicycle

emlb-sb-5_123EMLB SB 5 5.123 No. Caption. Tony Dod beside bicycle.
Subjects: bicycle
emlb-sb-5_125-resizedEMLB SB 5 5.125 “In addition to his own luggage, Tony usually carried the camera, the string bag containing lunch, our books and maps, and any other trifles he could possess himself of.” Tony Dod beside loaded bicycle.
Subjects: bicycle
emlb-sb-5_126EMLB SB 5 5.126 No Caption. Lottie Dod in white blouse on bicycle.
Subjects: bicycle
emlb-sb-5_127-lottie-dod-2EMLB SB 5 5. 127 No Caption. Lottie Dod beside bicycle.
Subjects: bicycle
emlb-sb-5_129EMLB SB 5 5.129 “Milan Cathedral.” Many people walking around the piazza outside the gothic cathedral.
Subjects: Gothic cathedral, Milan
emlb-sb-5_130EMLB SB 5 5.130 “Ancient columns in front of St. Lorenzo.” Long colonnade of the ancient columns.
Subjects: columns
emlb-sb-5_131EMLB SB 5 5.131 “Going on to Milan next day. This is the Arch of Peace at Milan.” Three arched structure with figures riding horses flanking one in a chariot.
Subjects: archways, Milan, sculptures
emlb-sb-5_132EMLB SB 5 5.132 “Cemetery, from the steps near the entrance.” Many mausoleums some decorated in bands of green and white marble.
Subjects: cemetery

emlb-sb-5_133EMLB SB 5 5.133 No Caption. Photo of arches in ancient wall, similar to 5.130.
Subjects: ancient wall
emlb-sb-5_134EMLB SB 5 5.134 “The Certosa.” View of the building’s façade.
Subjects: Certosa
emlb-sb-5_135EMLB SB 5 5.135 “Tomb of the Borgia family.” Relief carving on tomb, can see a large crucifix carved in. Giant marble angel posed leaning against tomb.
Subjects: Borgia family, relief carving

Written underneath picture 5.133 is: “We were delayed a few days at Milan as the bicycles for two of the party did not arrive till the 7th. On the 18th, we three and Mr. Topham trained to Nervi and after lunch rode to Rapallo. It was a hot, close day. We were at Rapallo by dinner time and found the place very crowded.
emlb-sb-5_136EMLB SB 5 5.136 “Porto Fino, with Monte Brown’s castle.”
Subjects: water, cliffside
Written under photo: “Next morning we rode to Porto Fino and back. After lunch we cycled to Sestri and trained to Spezia. The day after we went by boat to Port Venere and crossing the Lerici, rode back. After visiting the Cararra marble quarries, sleeping at Lucca, and riding to Pistoza, we at last got-”—continues under photo 5.139. View of coastline. Lots of rocks and trees.
emlb-sb-5_137EMLB SB 5 5. 137 “The hospital. The frieze is by Giovanni, Luca and Girolamo della Robbia. It portrays the temporal works of mercy.” Long relief frieze above arches filled with figures.
Subjects: frieze, relief carving
emlb-sb-5_138EMLB SB 5 5. 138 “The cathedral is a gem of its kind.” Side view of cathedral, with exterior pulpit. Cathedral exterior decorated with alternating bands of green and white marble.
Subjects: cathedral, church
emlb-sb-5_139EMLB SB 5 5.139 “-some successful photographs. The above is of the Baptistry of Pistoja, which is in the Lombard style.” View of top half of baptistery.
Subjects: baptistery
emlb-sb-5_140EMLB SB 5 5.140 “About 11 o’clock we set out for Prato, and after lunching there went to see the sights. The market place with its pretty fountain is charming.” View of marketplace, tall decorative fountain in center surrounded by lampposts. Photo has a “+” written next to it on album.
Subjects: marketplace, fountain
emlb-sb-5_141EMLB SB 5 5.141 “Leaving Prato, we rode to Florence, and took up our quarters at Hotel Grande Bretagne.” Another exterior view of cathedral this time tall tower is seen behind the pulpit.
Subjects: cathedral
emlb-sb-5_142EMLB SB 5 5. 142 “While at Florence, we lunched each day at a restaurant opposite Or St. Michele, from the windows of which we had a good view of the lovely tracery seen above.” View of exterior window decoration of cathedral.
Subjects: cathedral
emlb-sb-5_143EMLB SB 5 5. 143 “This is the same window, showing also two of the niches containing statues of the Apostles.” Longer shot of window able to see niches with saints inside that were commissioned by the different guilds of Florence.
Subjects: cathedral, statues
emlb-sb-5_144EMLB SB 5 5.144 “From our windows. The silversmith’s bridge and the covered way from the Petti to the Uffizi Palace.” View of Ponte Vecchio.
Subjects: bridge, Ponte Vecchio

emlb-sb-5_145EMLB SB 5 5.145 “From our windows. Bridge with arches and buildings.” Another view of a different bridge in Florence.
Subjects: bridge, Florence
emlb-sb-5_146EMLB SB 5 5.146 “The Baptistry at Florence. Eastern door by Andrea Pisano. It was of these that Michelangelo said that they “were worthy to be the gates of Paradise.” Executed in 1447-1456.” Woman standing outside the baptistery doors.
Subjects: baptistery, Florence
emlb-sb-5_147EMLB SB 5 5.147 “The same gates, closed.” View of same doors closed.
Subjects: baptistery, Florence
emlb-sb-5_148EMLB SB 5 5.148 No caption. Statue on raised base at corner of streets.
Subjects; statues
emlb-sb-5_149EMLB SB 5 5.149 “Florence.” “Giotto’s Campanile. In marble of white, pale pink and pale green. The bas-reliefs round the basement story of the tower are from designs by Giotto, who himself executed those of sculpture and architecture, the rest being carried out by Luca della Robbia and Andrea Pisano. Above these are statues, several of them by Donatello.” View of campanile next to the Florence Cathedral.
Subjects: Florence
emlb-sb-5_150EMLB SB 5 5.150 “The dome of the cathedral and the campanile.” Another view of campanile with dome in background.
Subjects: Florence, dome
emlb-sb-5_151EMLB SB 5 5.151 “Palazzo Vecchio della Signoria, with the Hercules and Cacus of Baccio Baudinelli (1546). It was in this Piazza that Savonarolla was burnt on May 23rd, 1496.” People walking around piazza, in center is a large statue.
Subjects: piazza, Florence, statues
emlb-sb-5_152EMLB SB 5 5.152 “The tower of the Palazzo Vecchio, containing the great bell, known as “La Vacca.” View of large stone tower with bell at top and clock at bottom.
Subjects: bell tower

emlb-sb-5_153EMLB SB 5 5.153 “The Loggia de Lanzi. “The rape of the Sabines” by Giovanni de Bologna.” Many statues on pedestals flanked by two large columns.
Subjects: statues, columns
emlb-sb-5_154-amusing-the-locals-editedEMLB SB 5 5.154 “We left Florence on March 25th for Perugia. While there we bicycled one day to Lake Trasimeno and were, as usual, a source of wonder to the natives.” Woman and several bicycles standing under a large cross.
Subjects: cross, bicycle
emlb-sb-5_155EMLB SB 5 5.155 “By Lake Trasimeno.” View of cliffs along a lake.
Subjects: lake, lakeside
emlb-sb-5_156EMLB SB 5 5.156 “Door of the Palazzo Public, Perugia.” People around large and elaborately decorated doorway.
Subjects: doorway
emlb-sb-5_157EMLB SB 5 5.157 “Palazzo Publico.” Two buildings with a large staircase leading up to one of them.
Subjects: staircase
emlb-sb-5_158EMLB SB 5 5.158 “Boats in harbor.” Small docked boat in lower left-hand corner.
Subjects; water, harbor, boats
emlb-sb-5_159EMLB SB 5 5.159 “Trees beside roadway.” Trees with small roadway in upper right-hand corner.
Subjects: roadway, trees
emlb-sb-5_161EMLB SB 5 5.161 No caption. Campanile in silhouette.

emlb-sb-5_162EMLB SB 5 5. 162 “Bronze statue of Pope Julius III” Statue of man seated giving the sign on blessing.
Subjects: statue, bronze
emlb-sb-5_163EMLB SB 5 5.163 “Polychrome front by A. della Robbia of the oratory of St. Barnardino, Perugia.” Man standing outside of gate in front of large building decorated in relief sculpture.
Subjects: gateway, relief sculpture
emlb-sb-5_164EMLB SB 5 5.164 “The Claudian aquaducts.” “Snow falling heavily on the morning of March 28th at Perugia, we left by train for Rome.” Stone ruins of aquaducts, many arches.
Subjects: aquaducts, arches, archway
emlb-sb-5_165EMLB SB 5 5. 165 “St. Pietro, Perugia.” View of church through archway in square.
Subjects: church, archway
emlb-sb-5_167EMLB SB 5 5.167 “On April 2nd we bicycled to Hadrian’s villa, to attend one of Prof. Spadoni’s lectures.” Field with long stone wall border.
Subjects: Hadrian, stone wall

emlb-sb-5_172EMLB SB 5 5.172 No Caption. Sunken ruins, man in foreground.

emlb-sb-5_173EMLB SB 5 5.173 “The arch of Septimus Severus.” Picture of three-arched structure.
Subjects: archway

emlb-sb-5_174EMLB SB 5 5.174 “Portico of Octavia.” Gate wrapped around an ancient building with ornate relief decoration.
Subjects: gate, relief sculpture
emlb-sb-5_175EMLB SB 5 5.175 “Forum of Nerva.” Architecture picture of building with two large columns in front.
Subjects: architecture, columns
emlb-sb-5_176EMLB SB 5 5.176 “Column of Trajan.” View of tall column with domed structure in background.
Subjects: column
emlb-sb-5_177EMLB SB 5 5.177 “The Pantheon.” Side view of Pantheon with columned entrance visible.
Subjects: Pantheon, columns
emlb-sb-5_178EMLB SB 5 5.178 “The Pantheon.” View taken from piazza close by the pantheon, elephant obelisk seen in foreground.
Subjects: pantheon, obelisk
emlb-sb-5_179EMLB SB 5 5.179 “Quarters of the guard, on the Palatine.” Picture of building architecture.
Subjects: architecture

emlb-sb-5_180EMLB SB 5 5.180 “Near the Ghetto.” People sitting next to colonnade.
Subjects: colonnade
emlb-sb-5_181EMLB SB 5 5.181 No caption. Metal fence in brick archway.
Subjects: gateway, archway
emlb-sb-5_182EMLB SB 5 5.182 “The Ghetto.” People in piazza. There are stands with quilts and blankets draped over them. An “x” is written on the album next to photo.
Subjects: piazza
emlb-sb-5_183EMLB SB 5 5.183 “House of Rienzi.” House with ruins of an ornate façade on the exterior.
Subjects: facade, ruins
emlb-sb-5_184EMLB SB 5 5.184 “Street scene.” People and chairs up against building, laundry hanging above.
Subjects: street scene
emlb-sb-5_185EMLB SB 5 5.185 “Arch of Janus, Rome.” Large arch made with big blocks of stone.
Subjects: Rome, archway
emlb-sb-5_186EMLB SB 5 5.186 “On the Palatine.” Arch built into rocks, above it gate with people over-looking.
Subjects: archway
emlb-sb-5_187EMLB SB 5 5.187 “Arch of Titus and Colosseum.” View of ancient Rome with arch and Colosseum in background.
Subjects: archway, Colosseum
emlb-sb-5_188EMLB SB 5 5.188 “In the Forum Romanum.” Man reading next to carved relief fragment.
Subjects: craved relief, ruins
emlb-sb-5_189EMLB SB 5 5.189 “Lifts in the Colosseum showing grooves at each corner.” Interior picture of the Colosseum.
Subjects: Colosseum
emlb-sb-5_190EMLB SB 5 5.190 No caption. Fountain
Subjects: fountain
emlb-sb-5_191EMLB SB 5 5.191 “The Cloaca Maxima.” Man standing under arch in stone pathway.
Subjects: archway, stone work
emlb-sb-5_192EMLB SB 5 5.192 No caption. Woman on bicycle riding ancient road. An “x” is written on the album next to photo.
Subjects: bicycle, roadway

emlb-sb-5_193EMLB SB 5 5.193 “Walls of Romulus on the Palatine.” Large-stoned walls bordering path.
Subjects: stone walls, Palatine
emlb-sb-5_194-2EMLB SB 5 5.194 No caption. Large arch in wall, bicycle in foreground.
Subjects: archway, bicycle
emlb-sb-5_195EMLB SB 5 5.195 “Pedestal with name erased from inscription in the Temple of Vesta.” Two stone pedestals.
Subjects: pedestals
emlb-sb-5_196EMLB SB 5 5.196 “‘The Horse Tamers’ in front of the Quirinal Palace.” View of statue of large muscular men and horse.
Subjects: statues, horses
emlb-sb-5_197EMLB SB 5 5.197 “The bar before which criminals were judged, in the basilica of the Palatine.” Architectural fragments.
Subjects: ruins
emlb-sb-5_198EMLB SB 5 5.198 “Statue of a vestal.” Sculpture of a woman in draped robes and head covering.
Subjects: sculptures
emlb-sb-5_199EMLB SB 5 5. 199 “Exit into the Tiber of the Cloaca Maxima.” Large arched bridge, arch is bricked in.
Subjects: archway, bridge
emlb-sb-5_200EMLB SB 5 5.200 “Bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius in front of the capitol.” Bronze statue of man on horse.
Subjects: statues, sculptures, horses
emlb-sb-5_201EMLB SB 5 5.201 “Forum of Augustus.” Three large columns.
Subjects: columns, ruins
emlb-sb-5_202EMLB SB 5 5.202 “On the 5th, we go to Frascati and Tusculum. The amphitheatre.” Rows of stone seats in concentric rings.
Subjects: ruins, amphitheater
emlb-sb-5_203EMLB SB 5 5.203 “Ancient pavement near Tusculum.” Man seated next to stone pathway and gate in background.
Subjects: stones, pathway
emlb-sb-5_204EMLB SB 5 5.204 “Grooves made by wheels in ancient pavement near Tusculum.” Paved pathway.
Subjects: stone, pathway
emlb-sb-5_205EMLB SB 5 5. 205 “Amphitheatre. Tusculum.” Inside amphitheater. Interior with people and columns.
Subjects: ruins, amphitheater, columns
emlb-sb-5_206EMLB SB 5 5.206 “Tivoli.” Hillside showing waterfalls and buildings
Subjects: landscape, waterfalls
emlb-sb-5_207EMLB SB 5 5.207 No caption. Distant view of Rome, waterfalls in foreground
Subjects: landscape, Rome, waterfalls
emlb-sb-5_208-pyramid-editedEMLB SB 5 5.208 “Pyramid of Cestius and Porta S. Paolo.” Large stone pyramid next to medieval building.
Subjects: pyramid, ruins
emlb-sb-5_209EMLB SB 5 5.209 “Pyramid of Cestius.” Different view of pyramid with large tree next to it.
Subjects: pyramid, ruins
emlb-sb-5_210EMLB SB 5 5.210 “On the Palatine.” Ancient remains with a large ornately carved stone pillar in foreground.
Subjects: columns, pillar, ruins
emlb-sb-5_211EMLB SB 5 5.211 “Basilica of Constantine and Forum Romanum.” View of large arched structural ruins.
Subjects: archways, ruins
emlb-sb-5_212EMLB SB 5 5.212 “Baths of Caracalla. Tony poses to show the scale.” Huge stone ruins of structure. In front of ruins a very small silhouette of a man is visible.
Subjects: ruins, archways, baths
emlb-sb-5_213EMLB SB 5 5.213 “Temple of Vesta by the Tiber.” Large Rotund structure with encircling columns.
Subjects: ruins, columns, temple
emlb-sb-5_214EMLB SB 5 5.214 “The Trevi.” Close up of Trevi fountain.
Subjects: fountain, Trevi
emlb-sb-5_215EMLB SB 5 5.215 “Another day we rode to Ostia.” View of bicyclists riding down road with trees and fence on either side.
Subjects: bicycles, roads
emlb-sb-5_216EMLB SB 5 5.216 “Modern Ostia.” Bicyclist on road in foreground with large castle-like structure in middle-ground. An “x” is written on the album next to photo.
Subjects: bicycle, castle
emlb-sb-5_217EMLB SB 5 5.217 “Ostia and the Tiber.” View of structure taken from the water.
Subjects: Tiber, water, river
emlb-sb-5_218EMLB SB 5 5.218 No caption. Row of columns, some with capitals.
Subjects: columns, ruins
emlb-sb-5_219EMLB SB 5 5.219 “Ancient Ostia: The forum.” Columns in foreground and structure in background.
Subjects: ruins, columns
emlb-sb-5_220EMLB SB 5 5.220 “At Ostia.” Again see masks carved into blocks of stone.
Subjects: masks, ruins, columns
emlb-sb-5_221EMLB SB 5 5.221 “Hot air pipes in the baths.” Remains of large broken pipes.
Subjects: ruins, pipes, baths
emlb-sb-5_222EMLB SB 5 5.222 No caption. Ruins, headless statue in background.
Subjects: ruins, statures, sculptures
emlb-sb-5_223EMLB SB 5 5.223 “Oil jars.” Woman sitting among them.
Subjects: jars
emlb-sb-5_224EMLB SB 5 5.224 “Leaving Rome on April 12th we rode from Civita Castellana to Narni.” Big stone arch.
Subjects: ruins, archways
emlb-sb-5_225EMLB SB 5 5.225 “We then had a hard day over a high pass to Spoleto.” View taken from distance of a very large and tall pass.
Subjects: landscape, passage
emlb-sb-5_226EMLB SB 5 5.226 “And next day to Tergni.” View of large falls with mist coming up.
Subjects: waterfalls
emlb-sb-5_227EMLB SB 5 5.227 “Temple of the Clitumnus, between Spoleto and Assisi.” Large temple atop hill. Taken from a canal.
Subjects: temple, canal
emlb-sb-5_228EMLB SB 5 5. 228 “Owing to recent rain, the falls were splendid.” Close up view of falls.
Subjects: waterfalls
emlb-sb-5_229EMLB SB 5 5.229 “Source of the Clitumnus.” Building on the water with Cyprus trees.
Subjects: waterfalls, Cyprus trees
emlb-sb-5_230EMLB SB 5 5.230 “Door of monastery. Assisi.” Two doors with rose window above them.
Subjects: monastery, rose window
emlb-sb-5_232EMLB SB 5 5.232 “At Gubbio.” Tall building with large clock on tower.
Subjects: clock tower
emlb-sb-5_233EMLB SB 5 5.233 No caption. Front of building, dark photo.
Subjects: clock tower
emlb-sb-5_235EMLB SB 5 5.235 “The amphitheatre at Gubbio.” Man and woman sitting atop a two-arched structure.
Subjects: columns, ruins, amphitheater
emlb-sb-5_236EMLB SB 5 5.236 “Leaving Assisi on the 25th, we visit the Tombs of the Volumia, and then lunch by the roadside.” View of the village. An “x” is written on the album next to photo.
Subjects: tombs, roads
emlb-sb-5_237-group-of-three-bicyclistsEMLB SB 5 5.237 No caption. Two women and a man, seated, with bicycles by roadside.
Subjects: bicycles, women, man
emlb-sb-5_238EMLB SB 5 5.238 “We leave Gubbio by train for Ancona.” House and trees by the water.
Subjects: houses, water
emlb-sb-5_239EMLB SB 5 5.239 “Arch of Trajan, Ancona.” Large arch with steps leading up to it.
Subjects: archway, ruins
emlb-sb-5_240EMLB SB 5 5.240 “Arch of Augustus, Rimini.” Large arch between buildings with many people in the street around it.
Subjects: archway, street scene
emlb-sb-5_241EMLB SB 5 5.241 No caption. Tower high on rugged peak.
Subjects: tower, mountains
emlb-sb-5_242EMLB SB 5 5.242 “Cathedral of Ancona.” Cathedral with simpler exterior decoration.
Subjects: Cathedral
emlb-sb-5_243EMLB SB 5 5.243 “Palace at San Marino.” Tall, elongated structure with short tower on top.
Subjects: palace, tower
emlb-sb-5_244EMLB SB 5 5.244 “San Marino, the smallest republic in the world.” Stone building on cliff.
Subjects: cliffside
emlb-sb-5_245EMLB SB 5 5.245 No caption. Wall with intricate fretwork above gate.
Subjects: gate
emlb-sb-5_246EMLB SB 5 5.246 “At San Marino.” Huge cliff with small building on its edge.
Subjects: cliff side, water
emlb-sb-5_247EMLB SB 5 5.247 “On the 20th April we go to Ravenna.” In city square with tall column in center.
Subjects: city square, street scene
emlb-sb-5_248EMLB SB 5 5.248 “Palace of Theodoric.” Large palace with arched windows framed by columns on top level.
Subjects: columns, archways, palace
emlb-sb-5_249EMLB SB 5 5.249 “A Byzantine Capitol.” Column with a “Byzantine” style capitol on top.
Subjects: columns
emlb-sb-5_250EMLB SB 5 5.250 No caption. Arched doorway/gate.
Subjects: archway, gate
emlb-sb-5_251EMLB SB 5 5.251 “St. Apolonare in classe.” Church with long tower.
Subjects: church, tower
emlb-sb-5_252EMLB SB 5 5.252 “St. Appolinare.” View of church’s highly ornamented façade
Subjects: church, decorations
emlb-sb-5_253EMLB SB 5 5. 253 “Tomb of Byron.” Stone tomb with a cross carved into the side.
Subjects: Tomb, cross
emlb-sb-5_254EMLB SB 5 5.254 “Tomb of Theodoric.” View of round exterior building that encases tomb.
Subjects: tomb
emlb-sb-5_255EMLB SB 5 5.255 “Spending a few days at Bologna and Milan, we go to Como. The cathedral.” Cathedral façade with view of huge curtained doorway and exterior carved decoration.
Subjects: cathedral, doorway
emlb-sb-5_256EMLB SB 5 5.256 “From Como to Menaggio we ride, partly on a mule path.” Person walking bike along staired pathway going up an incline.
Subjects: pathway, bicycle
emlb-sb-5_257EMLB SB 5 5.257 “We cross the lakes, and via Lugano, Baveno and the Simplon, reach the Rhone valley.” Boats in water along shoreline stone dock. Written on back is, “Please return after use Cadenabbia Ms. A deBlond.” An “x” is written on the album next to photo.
Subjects: boats, water
emlb-sb-5_258EMLB SB 5 5.258 “Garden of Villa Serbolini, Bellago.” Walkway along the coast with tropical trees. An “x” is written on the album next to photo.
Subjects: pathway, coastline, water
emlb-sb-5_259EMLB SB 5 5.259 “Cattle market at Aigle.” Large market with cattle and people. Two spotted cattle laying down in foreground.
Subjects: cattle, cattle market
emlb-sb-5_261EMLB SB 5 5.261 No caption. See caption and description #256.
emlb-sb-5_262EMLB SB 5 5.262 “Gorge de Trient, Vernayaz.” Two large boulders with narrow bridge between them.
Subjects: boulders, bridges
emlb-sb-5_263EMLB SB 5 5.263 “We four have another ride together, from Evian to Territet.” Two men and two women posed on bicycles.
Subjects: bicycles, women, men, self portrait
emlb-sb-5_264EMLB SB 5 5.264 No caption. Man on bicycle.
Subjects: bicycle
emlb-sb-5_265EMLB SB 5 5. 265 No caption. Man and woman sitting on hillside.
emlb-sb-5_266EMLB SB 5 5.266 “We occasionally photograph ourselves.” Two women and a man posed on hillside.
Subjects: self portrait
emlb-sb-5_267EMLB SB 5 5.267 No caption. Man and two women with small dog, with backdrop of city.
Subjects: city
emlb-sb-5_268EMLB SB 5 5.268 No caption. Couple on hillside.
Subject: couple
emlb-sb-5_269EMLB SB 5 5.269 No caption. Couple on hillside.
Subjects: couple
emlb-sb-5_270EMLB SB 5 5.270 “We gather narcissus at Les Avants.” Man with small bouquet walking along meadow of flowers. Written on back is, “indecipherable writing then signs it Le Blond.” An “x” is written on the album next to photo.
Subjects: meadow, flowers
emlb-sb-5_271EMLB SB 5 5. 271 “We go to Zermatt on May 17th and spend a couple of days there.” Man posed standing on large rock with snow covered mountain in background.
Subjects: boulders, mountains
emlb-sb-5_272EMLB SB 5 5.272 “We picnic up the old Rhone.” Man with long oar next to boat in river with tall reeds. An “x” is written on the album next to photo.
Subjects: river, rowboat, water
emlb-sb-5_273EMLB SB 5 5.273 No caption. Couple in flower field.
Subjects: couple, flowers
emlb-sb-5_274EMLB SB 5 5.274 No caption. Sailboats on lake.
Subjects: sailboats, water, lake
emlb-sb-5_275EMLB SB 5 5.275 Continued caption from #272. “And also on the Rocher de Naye. The weather however is not cloudless.” Snowy mountain peaks with clouds above.
Subjects: mountains, snow
emlb-sb-5_276EMLB SB 5 5.276 No caption. Couple picking flowers in field.
Subjects: couple, flowers
emlb-sb-5_277EMLB SB 5 5.277 “We ride from Bouveret to Geneva, and see several picturesque sailing boats.” Sailboats near shore.
Subjects: sailboats, water, lakes
emlb-sb-5_278EMLB SB 5 5.278 No caption. Sailboats near shore.
Subjects: sailboats, shoreline, water. lake
emlb-sb-5_279EMLB SB 5 5.279 “Our rooms give good views of the sunsets.” Lakeview of shoreline and sunset.
Subjects: lake, water, sunset
emlb-sb-5_280EMLB SB 5 5.280 No Caption. View of town on lakeshore at bottom of hill.
Subjects: shoreline, lake, water, town
emlb-sb-5_281EMLB SB 5 5.281 “The old Rhone.” Man standing in small sailboat floating down river. An “x” is written on the album next to photo.
Subjects: sailboat, water, river
emlb-sb-5_284EMLB SB 5 5.284 “Zermatt in May. The path near the Riffel Alp.” Man walking along path with large mountain and trees in background.
Subjects: mountains, snow
emlb-sb-5_285EMLB SB 5 5.285 “On May 26th we leave Territet for Paris.” Woman on bicycle in foreground, carriage behind her going in opposite direction.
Subjects: bicycle, carriage, horses
emlb-sb-5_286EMLB SB 5 5.286 “On the 28th we go to London, and the next day we bicycle in Hyde Park.” Three bicyclists riding down large road with carriage next to them.
Subjects: bicycle, carriage, horses
emlb-sb-5_287EMLB SB 5 5.287 “On the 31st we ride to Brighton.” Man about to stand on bicycle.
Subjects: bicycle
emlb-sb-5_288EMLB SB 5 5.288 “We bicycle in the Bois.” Woman in straw hat wearing a dress with large white collar riding bicycle.
Subjects: bicycle, straw hat
emlb-sb-5_289EMLB SB 5 5.289 “So does Mrs. Holland.” Man and woman supporting woman on bicycle in lower right-hand corner.
Subjects: bicycle
emlb-sb-5_290EMLB SB 5 5.290 “Tony does some “fancy” riding in the Garden of Sillwood Hall Hotel.” Man with feet on bicycle seat, hunched over with hands on handle bar, riding next to glass green house.
Subjects: bicycle, greenhouse
emlb-sb-5_291EMLB SB 5 5.291 No caption. Couple riding with backs to camera.
Subjects: bicycle, couple
emlb-sb-5_292EMLB SB5 5 5.292 “On June 9th the party breaks up.” Man riding on bicycle with both legs draped over one side.
Subjects: bicycle
emlb-sb-5_293EMLB SB 5 5.293 No caption. Small bridge over stream. An “x” is written on the album next to photo.
Subjects: water, stream, mountains, bridge