Lizzie Le Blond Album EMLB SB 4: Background & Subject Guide

emlb-album-4-gallery-cover-photo Lizzie Le Blond Photo Album #4: "Pictures of Snow Sports”

We’ve had researchers travel to Kansas from around the world to see Lizzie’s photograph albums and they have been an unprecedented hit on our website too. The almost universal comment by these scholars and fans is that Album #4 contains the most concise and definitive examples that exist of St. Moritz snow sports and social history in the mid-1890s time frame.

Besides the detail in her images, Lizzie's photo captions illustrate endearing personal portraits of her close friends, many of whom were amazing athletes in their own right. Over all “sports”---of any sort---dominate as subjects in this album, and a compassionate yet competitive edge resounds within her captions.
emlb-sb-004_001-sea-of-clouds-from-belalpEMLB SB 4 4.1 “Sea of clouds, from Belalp.” Body of clouds, with peaks in the distance rising from them. Small benches overlook the clouds.
emlb-sb-004_002-the-grandmotherEMLB SB 4.2: "The Grandmother" Subjects: Village life. A scarf on her head and a basket at her feet, a woman sits working on a tree stump.
emlb-sb-004_003-carpenters-at-grindelwald-logging-pipesEMLB SB 4.3: "Carpenters at Grindelwald" Two carpenters outside at work, smoking pipes. Subjects: Logging, Tobacco, smoking, pipes.
emlb-sb-004_004-leaving-grindelwald-i-travel-via-zurichEMLB SB 4.4: "Leaving Grindelwald, I travel via Zurich" Travalling by Zurich Hauptbahof, at left, the principal railway station of Zurich.
emlb-sb-004_005-st-mortiz-arriving-for-skating-picnics-by-the-smaller-lakesEMLB SB 4.5: St. Mortiz arriving for skating picnics by the smaller lakes. Four men picnic on a hillside near St Moritz, with a Bernese mountain dog (possibly a Bernese mountain dog) sitting near one of the men. Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dogs, Sporting Group images
emlb-sb-004_006-pluto-forages-uncessingly-dogEMLB SB 4 4.6 “Pluto forages unceassingly.”
A group of people and the Bernese mountain dog, Pluto, lounging by a small lake with picnic baskets. Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dogs, Sporting Group images
emlb-sb-004_007-numerous-parties-lunch-on-the-bankEMLB SB 4 4.7 “Numerous parties lunch on the bank.”
Groups of people picnicking by a frozen lake. Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dogs, Sporting Group images
emlb-sb-004_007-numerous-parties-lunch-on-the-bankEMLB SB 4 4.8 No caption.
Couples ice-skating together. Subjects: Sporting Group images
emlb-sb-004_009-photographers-abound-cameras-ice-skatingEMLB SB 4 4.9 “Photographers abound.”
A man with photography equipment considers the ice-skaters on the lake. Subjects: ice-skating
emlb-sb-004_010-all-st-mortiz-goes-out-skatingEMLB SB 4 4.10 “All St Moritz goes out skating”
Groups ice-skaters on the lake, while others sit on the grassy banks watching or taking photographs. Subjects: Sporting Group Images, ice-skating
emlb-sb-004_011-for-it-is-a-sunny-windless-day-mountains-ice-skatingEMLB SB 4 4.11 “for it is a sunny, windless day.”
In the foreground is the frozen lake with its ice-skaters, pines snowy peaks in the background. Subjects: ice-skating, lake, mountains
emlb-sb-004_012-plans-are-made-from-the-kulm-4th-floor-hotelEMLB SB 4 4.12 “Plans are made from the Kulm 4th floor.”
In an adjacent window, a man looks down from his room at the Kulm Hotel, rooftops behind him.
emlb-sb-004_013-pluto-wants-to-know-what-is-happening-kulm-hotelEMLB SB 4 4.13 “Pluto wants to know what is happening.”
Back of the Bernese mountain dog, Pluto, who is looking out the window of the Kulm Hotel. Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dog
emlb-sb-004_014-no-caption-pluto-mountains-kulm-hotelEMLB SB 4 4.14 No caption.
Another view of the Bernese mountain dog looking out, taken from another window of the Kulm Hotel. Slopes covered in pines are in the distance. Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dogs, mountains, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_015-the-statzer-see-next-freezes-mountain-tops-frozen-lakeEMLB SB 4 4.15 “The Statzer See next freezes.”
A landscape representation of Stazer See, with mountain peaks looming up behind the pines. Subjects: frozen lakes, mountains

emlb-sb-004_016-we-drive-along-the-st-moritz-lake-after-snow-toEMLB SB 4 4.16 “We drive along the St. Moritz lake, after snow, to”
A pathway along a snowy bank on the St. Moritz Lake, with St. Moritz on the further shore. Subjects: mountains, frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_017-the-statzer-see-which-alas-mountains-ice-skatingEMLB SB 4 4.17 “the Statzer See, which, alas”
Behind some pines, men and women play hockey on the icy lake. Photograph has a light streak across the upper right corner. Subjects: mountains, ice-skating
emlb-sb-004_018-has-to-be-cleared-ice-skatingEMLB SB 4 4.18 “has to be cleared.”
Men and women clear the snow and other debris off of the lake with hockey sticks and brooms. Subjects: ice-skating

emlb-sb-004_019-all-join-in-cleaning-ice-skatingEMLB SB 4 4.19 “All join in cleaning.”
A wider shot of the same men and women preparing the rink with hockey sticks and brooms. Subjects: ice-skating
emlb-sb-004_020-at-least-nearly-all-man-on-tree-stumpEMLB SB 4 4.20 “At least, nearly all.”
A man sits on the bank of the lake, possibly smoking a pipe. A bird sits near him on a post.
emlb-sb-004_021-through-here-there-new-clear-ice-is-foundEMLB SB 4 4.21 “though here & there new, clear ice is found”
Ice on the Stazer See, with tree trunks and protruding from the bank. Subjects: frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_022-sunshine-through-the-trees-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.22 “Sunshine through the trees”
A landscape of pines and slopes, sun shining through the pines. Subjects: pine trees, mountains
emlb-sb-004_023-hoar-frost-shrubery-on-lake-shoreEMLB SB 4 4.23 “Hoar frost.”
Hoar frost bends the branches of a shrub on the shores of a lake.
Subjects: Haor frost, frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_024-the-luggage-is-transported-to-a-sunny-bank-two-men-on-skates-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.24 “The luggage is transported to a sunny bank,”
Two men carry coats and luggage across the Stazer See, the peaks of Piz Julier (Piz Güglia) and Piz Albana behind them.
Subjects: frozen lake, mountains
emlb-sb-004_025-in-spite-of-the-attractions-of-the-coffee-stall-ice-skatingEMLB SB 4. 4.25 “in spite of the attractions of the coffee stall.”
Men and women gather at a long table laden with baskets, pitchers, and coffee sets.
Subjects: frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_026-dogs-are-not-allowed-on-the-rink-plutoEMLB SB 4. 4.26 “Dogs are not allowed on the rink.”
A portrait of Pluto the Bernese mountain dog at St. Moritz.
Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dog
emlb-sb-004_027-making-the-pace-two-men-with-bags-moutainsEMLB SB 4. 4.27 “Making the pace.”
Two men carrying coats and luggage ice-skate on the Statzer See towards Mount de la Bês-Cha and Las Sours.
Subjects: mounatins, frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_028-the-coffee-stall-is-in-a-chilly-spot-mountainsEMLB SB 4. 4.28 “The coffee stall is in a chilly spot.”
Tables, chairs and a stove line a shady bank.
Subjects: frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_029-master-villers-boy-in-sled-with-a-bellEMLB SB 4. 4.29 “Master Villers.”
Master Villers, a small boy, in a sled with a bell.
Subjects: a child, sled
emlb-sb-004_030-no-caption-young-boy-in-sled-with-a-bell-attached-to-the-sledEMLB SB 4. 4.30 No caption.
Master Villers, a small boy, in a sled with a bell.
Subjects: a child, sled
emlb-sb-004_031-hard-at-work-ice-skating-one-manEMLB SB 4. 4.31 “Hard at work.”
A man practices his form on the ice rink, traces of his ice-skates on the ice.
Subjects: frozen lake, ice skating
emlb-sb-004_032-luncheon-time-on-the-statzer-see-ice-skating-mountainsEMLB SB 4. 4.32 “Luncheon time on the Statzer See.”
Men in women take their lunch around a stove on the banks of the Statzer See, the tables laden with bottles and picnic baskets. Across the lake are the peaks of Las Sours and Munt de la Bês-Cha.
Subjects: frozen lake, mountains
emlb-sb-004_033-the-statzer-see-lake-mountainsEMLB SB 4. 4.33 “The Statzer See.”
A landscape of the Statzer See, Piz Julier (Piz Güglia) and Piz Albana behind it. Two figures in large coats ice-skate.
Subjects: frozen lake, mountains
emlb-sb-004_034-lunch-on-the-st-mortiz-lakeEMLB SB 4. 4.34 “Lunch on the St Moritz Lake.”
People lunch on the frozen on Lake St. Moritz, the Kulm Hotel in the distance.
Subjects: frozen lake, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_035-no-caption-three-men-ice-skating-lake-townEMLB SB 4. 4.35 No caption.
Ice-skating on Lake St. Moritz, the Kulm Hotel in the distance.
Subjects: ice-skating, frozen lake, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_036-on-the-st-mortiz-lake-dec-1894EMLB SB 4. 4.36 “On the St Moritz Lake. Dec 1894.”
People sit by a stove on Lake St. Moritz, the Kulm Hotel in the distance.
Subjects: frozen lake, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_037-village-childern-on-the-statzer-see-ice-skating-mountainsEMLB SB 4. 4.37 “Village children on the Statzer See.”
Boys put on their ice-skates on the Statzer See.
Subjects: ice-skating, mountains
emlb-sb-004_038-off-to-clear-the-statzer-see-horse-drawn-wagonEMLB SB 4. 4.38 “Off to clear the Statzer See.”
Two men in a horse-drawn wagon carry brooms to clear the Statzer See.
Subjects: horse drawn wagon
emlb-sb-004_039-hockey-dec-1894EMLB SB 4. 4.39 “Hockey. Dec 1894.”
A co-ed ice-hockey game on Lake St. Moritz. Hotel Kulm in the background.
Subjects: ice-hockey, frozen lake, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_040-no-caption-hockey-lake-mountainsEMLB SB 4. 4.40 No caption.
A co-ed ice-hockey game on Lake St. Moritz. Peaks in the background.
Subjects: ice-hockey, frozen lake, mountains
emlb-sb-004_041-hockey-on-the-st-mortiz-lake-hotel-kulmEMLB SB 4. 4.41 “Hockey on the St Moritz Lake.”
A co-ed ice-hockey game on Lake St. Moritz. Hotel Kulm in the background.
Subjects: ice-hockey, frozen lake, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_042-no-caption-hockey-lake-hotel-kulmEMLB SB 4. 4.42 No caption
A co-ed ice-hockey game on Lake St. Moritz. A goalie prepares for a shot.
Subjects: ice-hockey, frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_043-at-lunch-lake-mountainsEMLB SB 4. 4.43 “At lunch.”
Sitting and lunching on the ice of Lake St. Moritz, Hotel Kulm on the far left.
Subjects: frozen lake, mountains, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_044-after-a-white-frost-ice-skating-lakeEMLB SB 4. 4.44 “After a white frost.”
A few people inspect the frost on Lake St. Moritz. On the back is written, “after a white frost, Kulm Hotel.”
Subjects: ice-skating, frozen lake, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_045-no-caption-ice-hockeyEMLB SB 4. 4.45 No caption.
Men playing ice-hockey, the Kulm Hotel in the background.
Subjects: ice-hockey, frozen lake, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_046-studies-on-the-rink-men-ice-skatingEMLB SB 4. 4.46 “Studies on the rink.”
Men train in ice-skating on the rink of Lake St. Moritz.
Subjects: ice-skating, frozen lake,
emlb-sb-004_047-no-caption-ice-skating-lakeEMLB SB 4. 4.47 No caption.
Men standing on the rink of Lake St. Moritz, looking towards a group of women.
Subjects: ice-skating, frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_048-no-caption-two-men-ice-skatingEMLB SB 4 4.48 No caption.
Two men skating amicably on Lake St. Moritz.
Subjects: ice-skating, frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_049-no-caption-four-men-ice-skatingEMLB SB 4 4.49 No caption.
Demonstrating an ice-skating maneuver on Lake St. Moritz
Subjects: ice-skating, frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_050-the-st-mortiz-lake-mountains-ice-skatingEMLB SB 4 4.50 “The St Moritz Lake.”
A landscape of Lake St. Moritz portraying various ice rink activities: preparing the rink, ice-skating or spectatorship. In the background are (from left) Munt da la Bês-Cha, Las Sours, Plaun da las Mujas, Piz Languard, Paradis and Muottas da Schlarigna.
Subjects: frozen lake, mountains, ice-skating
emlb-sb-004_051-after-a-hoar-frost-lake-ice-skating-chapelEMLB SB 4 4.51 “After a hoar frost.”
A man walks on a frozen lake covered in hoar frost, a chapel in the background.
Subjects: frozen lake, chapel
emlb-sb-004_052-no-caption-lake-chapel-ice-skatingEMLB SB 4 4.52 No caption.
Others walk on a frozen lake covered in hoar frost, a chapel in the background.
Subjects: frozen lake, chapel
emlb-sb-004_053-dec-1894-country-road-chapel-snowEMLB SB 4 4.53 “Dec. 189EMLB SB 4 4.”
A fence lines a snow-covered pathway leading to a chapel.
Subjects: country road, chapel
emlb-sb-004_054-no-caption-stone-fence-leading-to-a-chapelEMLB SB 4 4.54 No caption.
A snow-covered pathway next to a lake.
Subjects: frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_055-dec-1894-contry-road-chapel-lake-shoreEMLB SB 4 4.55 “Dec 1894.”
A stone fence and a wooden fence line a snow-covered pathway leading to a chapel. Pines blanket the upper-right corner.
Subjects: chapel, lake shore
emlb-sb-004_056-putting-up-the-mast-iceboat-lakeEMLB SB 4 4.56 “Putting up the mast.”
Men put up the mast of an iceboat on Lake St. Moritz.
Subjects: iceboat, lake
emlb-sb-004_057-no-caption-iceboat-lakeEMLB SB 4 4.57 No caption.
Men put up the mast of an iceboat on Lake St. Moritz.
Subjects: iceboat, lake
emlb-sb-004_058-launching-the-iceboat-lake-shoreEMLB SB 4 4.58 “Launching the ice boat.”
Men prepare to launch an iceboat on Lake St. Moritz
Subjects: iceboat, lake
emlb-sb-004_059-lake-skating-village-in-backgroundEMLB SB 4 4.59 “Lake skating.”
Ice-skating on Lake St. Moritz, the Kulm Hotel in the background.
Subjects: ice-skating, frozen lake, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_060-lunch-on-the-iceboat-lakeEMLB SB 4 4.60 “Lunch on the ice boat.”
Men and women lunch on the iceboat.
Subjects: iceboat
emlb-sb-004_061-no-caption-iceboat-group-having-lunch-lakeEMLB SB 4 4.61 No caption.
Men and women lunch on the iceboat.
Subjects: iceboat
emlb-sb-004_062-in-dock-iceboat-four-story-buliding-in-the-backgroundEMLB SB 4 4.62 “In dock.”
Docking the iceboat in St. Moritz, a building in the background
Subjects: iceboat
emlb-sb-004_063-no-caption-iceboat-lake-village-in-backgroundEMLB SB 4 4.63 No caption.
Men and women sit on the iceboat on Lake St. Moritz.
Subjects: iceboat
emlb-sb-004_064-no-caption-iceboat-lake-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.64 No caption.
The iceboat on Lake St. Moritz, Las Sours in the background to the right.
Subjects: iceboat
emlb-sb-004_065-lord-ashbourne-wields-a-snow-shovel-for-the-general-goodEMLB SB 4 4.65 “Lord Ashbourne wields a snow shovel for the general good.”
Tipping his hat and wielding a snow shovel is Edward Gibson, the 1st Baron Ashbourne, Lord Chancellor of Ireland (1837-1913).
emlb-sb-004_066-the-curlers-are-nearly-hidden-snow-drift-four-story-buliding-in-backgroundEMLB SB 4 4.66 “The curlers are nearly hidden.”
Curlers behind a snowdrift on the ice rink. A building is in the background.
Subjects: snowdrift
emlb-sb-004_067-but-most-people-make-the-whole-thing-an-excuse-for-conversation-lakeEMLB SB 4 4.67 “But most people make the whole thing an excuse for conversation.”
While clearing the rink at Lake St. Moritz, people converse while holding shovels or umbrellas. A sleigh from the Kulm Hotel is filled with snow in the foreground, right.
Subjects: frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_068-at-least-the-men-do-snow-drifts-mounatinsEMLB SB 4 4.68 “at least, the men do!”
Lake St. Moritz covered in snow while people, especially women, work to clear it. Cabanes are in the background, and further back looms Las Sours.
Subjects: snow drifts, mountains
emlb-sb-004_069-our-ledge-is-amply-cushioned-hotel-kulmEMLB SB 4 4.69 “our ledge is amply cushioned.”
The window ledges of the Hotel Kulm covered in snow while a man looks out.
Subjects: Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_070-no-caption-woman-sledding-while-a-group-of-people-watchEMLB SB 4 4.70 No caption.
A woman takes a sled to the streets of St. Moritz!
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_071-no-caption-snow-drifts-mountains-lakeEMLB SB 4 4.71 No caption.
Clearing the deep snow on Lake St. Moritz, Las Sours and Piz Languard in the background.
Subjects: snow drifts, mountains, lake
emlb-sb-004_072-clearing-the-curling-rink-on-a-cloudy-day-mountains-man-with-snow-shovelEMLB SB 4 4.72 “Clearing the curling rink on a cloudy day.”
Clearing the curling rink on Lake St. Moritz.
Subjects: mountains
emlb-sb-004_073-carting-away-the-snow-mountains-man-with-a-cartEMLB SB 4 4.73 “Carting away the snow.”
A man carts off the cleared snow from Lake St. Moritz in a sleigh.
Subjects: mountains,
emlb-sb-004_074-an-enthusiast-man-smoking-pipe-ice-skating-in-snowEMLB SB 4 4.74 “An enthusiast.”
A man ice-skates in the snow at Lake St. Moritz.
Subjects: smoking a pipe, ice-skating
emlb-sb-004_075-hon-h-gibson-at-caspars-corner-jan-29th-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.75 “Hon. H. Gibson at ‘Caspar’s Corner’ Jan 29th.”
Hon. H. Gibson practices skeleton racing on a toboggan at Casper’s Corner, St. Moritz.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_076-waiting-for-a-spill-jan-29th-1985-woman-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.76 “Waiting for a spill. Jan 29th 1895.”
A man with an apparatus watches as a man on a toboggan speeds by, smiling.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_077-the-curlers-are-the-first-to-get-to-work-snow-drift-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.77 “The curlers are the first to get to ‘work’.”
The curlers begin their training in the deep snow, chalet Schickler in the background
Subjects: snow drift, mountains
emlb-sb-004_078-the-photographers-too-are-busy-cameras-snow-drifts-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.78 “The photographers, too, are busy.”
People are still readying the cleared curling rink, carrying cameras and shovels. In the background are a chalet Schickler, left, and snowy peaks.
Subjects: snow drifts, mountains
emlb-sb-004_079-after-heavy-snow-jan-18th-1895-country-road-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.79 “After heavy snow. Jan 18th 1895.”
A landscape of r Champfèr oad (presently Via Chantunela), lined by telegraph lines and pines.
Subjects: country road, mountains
emlb-sb-004_080-camfer-road-pines-telegraph-lines-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.80 “Champfèr road.”
Champfèr Road (presently Via Chantunela), lined by telegraph lines and pines.
Subjects: telegraph lines, mountains
emlb-sb-004_081-looking-towards-silvaplana-jan-18th-1895-sleigh-telegraph-lines-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.81 “Looking towards Silvaplana Jan 10th 1895.”
A landscape of Champfèr road (presently Via Chantunela), lined by telegraph lines, with Piz de la Margna in the distance. Two horse-drawn sleighs are on the road.
Subjects: sleigh, telegraph lines, mountains
emlb-sb-004_082-camfer-road-piz-albana-and-piz-julierEMLB SB 4 4.82 “Champfèr Road. Piz Albana and Piz Julier.”
Piz Albana and Piz Julier from Champfèr Road.
Subjects: mountains
emlb-sb-004_083-no-79-kulm-jan-1895-hotel-room-paintingsEMLB SB 4 4.83 “No. 79. Kulm. Jan 1895. Taken with Lady Maud Lyon’s camera.”
Room No. 79 at the Hotel Kulm. On the back is written, “Ashbourne Book.” The walls of the room are lined with portraits and landscapes. The bronze stove is covered in silver, candlesticks and trinkets while the tables in the room are adorned with plants, portraits, and other trinkets. The photo was taken with the camera of Lady Maud Lyon, presumably a cousin of the Bowes-Lyon family
Subjects: hotel room, paintings
emlb-sb-004_084-there-were-races-on-the-village-run-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.84 “There were races on the Village Run at the end of January. Each man had his own way of starting. This is Mr Cook’s.”
The Village Run, a skeleton race, at St. Moritz. Mr. Cook is preparing to start his run, his posture strange.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_085-and-this-is-monsieur-bertrons-sledding-raceEMLB SB 4 4.85 “and this Monsieur Bertron’s.”
Monsieur Bertron skeleton racing at the St. Moritz Village Run.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_086-mr-barday-at-belvedere-corner-sledding-race-villageEMLB SB 4 4.86 “Mr Barday at Belvedere Corner.”
Mr. Barday takes Belvedere Corner in the skeleton race, at the St. Moritz Village Run.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_087-from-caspers-wall-sledding-race-villageEMLB SB 4 4.87 “From Caspar’s wall.”
Crowd of spectators at Caspar’s, St. Moritz, during the Village Run.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_088-no-caption-sledding-race-village-villagersEMLB SB 4 4.88 No caption.
Crowd of spectators at Caspar’s during the St. Moritz Village Run
Subjects: sledding

EMLB SB 4 4.89 “Hon. H Gibson on Caspar’s corner.”
Hon. H. Gibson at Caspar’s Corner, skeleton racing, at the St. Moritz Village Run.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_090-watching-the-races-sledding-race-villageEMLB SB 4 4.90 “Watching the Races.”
Spectators at Caspar’s, St. Moritz, watching as the skeleton racers advance on the Village Run.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_091-effie-holland-woman-sledding-raceEMLB SB 4 4.91 “Effie Holland.”
Effie Holland skeleton racing at the St. Moritz Village Run.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_092-some-spectators-seven-women-and-two-men-on-a-slopeEMLB SB 4 4.92 “Some spectators, Miss C. Saunderson. Miss Garwood. Miss Studdert. Mrs Hawks. Miss Bellingell. Miss Fife. Jan 6th 1895.”
Spectators Ms. C. Saunderson, Ms. Garwood, Ms. Studert, Mrs. Hawks, Ms. Bellingell and Ms. Fife at the Village Run in St. Moritz.
emlb-sb-004_093-mr-h-w-topham-on-the-village-run-before-caspars-corner-sledding-raceEMLB SB 4 4.93 “Mr H.W. Topham on the Village Run before Caspar’s Corner.”
Below Caspar’s Corner, Mr. H.W. Topham skeleton races at the Village Run.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_094-above-caspers-corner-sledding-raceEMLB SB 4 4.94 “Above Caspar’s Corner.”
Spectators at Caspar’s Corner during the Village Run at St. Moritz.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_095-arrival-of-the-julier-post-horses-sleighs-post-officeEMLB SB 4 4.95 “arrival of the Julier post.”
Horse-drawn sleighs in front of the Post & Telegraph. The post from Julier arrives.
Subjects: horses, sleighs, post office
emlb-sb-004_096-mr-bird-on-caspers-corner-sledding-raceEMLB SB 4 4.96 “Mr Bird on Caspar’s Corner.”
Skeleton racing at Caspar’s Corner, where Mr. Bird is on the bank of the ice-run.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_097-mr-hodgson-sledding-raceEMLB SB 4 4.97 “Mr Hodgson.”
Skeleton racing at Caspar’s Corner, where Mr. Hodson descends the bank of the ice-run.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_098-studies-on-the-village-run-man-sledding-raceEMLB SB 4 4.98 “Studies on the Village Run.”
A man on the bank of an ice-run during the Village Run at Caspar’s Corner.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_099-no-caption-man-on-a-sled-racing-down-the-hillEMLB SB 4 4.99 No caption.
Spectators watch as a skeleton racer takes a turn during the Village Run.
Subjects: sledding
emlb-sb-004_100-schickler-chalet-country-road-snow-drift-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.100 “Schickler Chalet.”
A pathway towards Schickler Chalet at St. Moritz.
Subjects: snow drifts, mountains
emlb-sb-004_101-cold-for-the-hands-woman-washes-hands-at-a-pumpEMLB SB 4 4.101 “Cold for the hands.”
A woman washes at a water pump in winter.
emlb-sb-004_102-go-fetch-it-two-dogs-snow-drift-one-manEMLB SB 4 4.102 “Go fetch it!”
Pluto the Bernese mountain dog and Candy the border collie playing fetch in the snow, a chapel in the background.
Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dog, Border Collie
emlb-sb-004_103-playmates-two-daogs-play-in-a-snowdriftEMLB SB 4 4.103 “Playmates.”
Pluto the Bernese mountain dog and Candy the border collie play together in the snow.
Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dog, Border Collie
emlb-sb-004_104-pluto-and-candy-two-dogs-play-in-snowdriftEMLB SB 4 4.104 “Pluto and Candy.”
Pluto the Bernese mountain dog and Candy the border collie play together in the snow.
Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dog, Border Collie, snowdrift
emlb-sb-004_105-no-captions-two-dogs-play-in-snowdriftEMLB SB 4 4.105 NO caption.
Pluto the Bernese mountain dog and Candy the border collie play together in the snow.
Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dog, Border Collie
emlb-sb-004_106-near-the-finish-sledding-race-chapelEMLB SB 4 4.106 “near the finish.”
During the Village Run, a man arrives near the finish line and the chapel at St. Moritz.
Subjects: sledding, Cresta Run, chapel
emlb-sb-004_107-jan-1895-curling-lake-chapelEMLB SB 4 4.107 “Jan 1895.”
Curling. Behind the curlers on the right side of the bank of the ice rink are lockers.
Subjects: curling, frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_108-a-quick-game-curling-lake-four-story-buliding-in-the-backgroundEMLB SB 4 4.108 “a quick game.”
Curling in the shadow of Hotel Kulm.
Subjects: curling, frozen lake, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_109-curling-match-feb-7th-1895-lakeEMLB SB 4 4.109 “curling match, feb 7 1895.”
Curling match, the brooms are drawn.
Subjects: curling
emlb-sb-004_110-no-idlers-here-curling-lakeEMLB SB 4 4.110 “No idlers here.”
Curling match, inspecting the rocks.
Subjects: curling
emlb-sb-004_111-no-caption-curling-lake-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.111 No caption.
Curling match under telegram lines.
Subjects: curling, telegram lines
emlb-sb-004_112-lunching-out-in-january-man-on-bench-with-drinkEMLB SB 4 4.112 “Lunching out in January.”
A man eats lunch in the sunlight on a bench, wine glass in his hand.
emlb-sb-004_113-a-snap-shot-by-mistake-man-with-camera-villagersEMLB SB 4 4.113 “A snap shot- by mistake!”
A man holds a camera towards some women, grinning.
Subjects: camera, villagers
emlb-sb-004_114-hunted-down-two-women-on-a-bench-one-man-standingEMLB SB 4 4.114 “hunted down”
A man, grinning, courts two women on a bench in winter.
Subjects: villagers
emlb-sb-004_115-a-sunny-moring-on-the-rink-ice-skating-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.115 “A sunny morning on the rink.”
Curlers preparing the rink on a sunny morning near Chalet Schickler. In the background is Piz Languard.
Subjects: ice-skating, mountains
emlb-sb-004_116-no-caption-ice-skating-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.116 No caption.
Two rinks on Lake St. Moritz. One is being prepared, the other is being ice-skated. In the background, right, is Munt de la Bês-Cha, and background center is Piz Uter.
Subjects: ice-skating, mountains
emlb-sb-004_117-an-dforward-off-pass-two-men-hockeyEMLB SB 4 4.117 “Mr Readhead and Mr Everet. ‘and forward off pass.”
Mr. Readhead and Mr. Everet practice bandy.
Subjects: hockey
emlb-sb-004_118-pluto-patienceEMLB SB 4 4.118 “Patience.”
Bernese mountain dog, Pluto, sitting patiently on the edge of the rink.
Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dog
emlb-sb-004_119-what-shall-we-skate-next-two-men-ice-skating-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.119 “What shall we skate next?”
Mr. Readhead and Mr. Everet consult an ice-skating manuel.
Subjects: ice-skating
emlb-sb-004_120-and-back-off-pass-two-ice-skating-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.120 “and back off pass.”
Mr. Readhead tries the maneuver, the bandy ball still on the ice.
Subjects: ice-skating, mountains
emlb-sb-004_121-and-foreward-ice-skating-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.121 “and forward.”
Mr. Readhead and Mr. Evert try an ice-skating maneuver, the bandy ball still on the ice. Las Sours are in the background.
Subjects: ice-skating, mountains
emlb-sb-004_122-dr-conan-doyles-hand-sleigh-country-roadEMLB SB 4 4.122 “Dr Conan Doyle’s hand sleigh.”
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with his hand sleigh.
Subjects: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, country road
emlb-sb-004_123-sir-conan-doyle-on-skiesEMLB SB 4 4.123 “Dr Conan Doyle on skis.”
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on skis in St. Moritz.
Subjects: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, skiing
emlb-sb-004_124-starting-for-a-walk-on-skies-two-men-on-skies-one-dogEMLB SB 4 4.124 “Starting for a walk on skis.”
Bernese mountain dog, Pluto, a man, and a boy are on skies with walking sticks in their hands.
Subjects: skiing, Rescue/Mountain Dog
emlb-sb-004_125-new-ice-on-the-rink-dog-waits-on-the-lake-shoreEMLB SB 4 4.125 “New ice on the rink.”
Bernese mountain dog, Pluto, standing in front of the sparkling Lake St. Moritz rink.
Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dog, frozen lake, mountains
emlb-sb-004_126-are-you-nearly-ready-dog-on-bank-mountains-lakeEMLB SB 4 4.126 “Are you nearly ready?”
Bernese mountain dog, Pluto, waits near the Lake St. Moritz rink. To the right is Chalet Schickler.
Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dog, frozen lake, mountains
emlb-sb-004_127-flooding-the-big-rink-lakeEMLB SB 4 4.127 “Flooding the big rink. The water beginning to flow on.”
Preparing one of the Lake St. Moritz rinks by flooding it with water.
Subjects: lake
emlb-sb-004_128-the-water-while-still-flowing-commences-to-freezeEMLB SB 4 4.128 “The water, while still flowing commences to freeze.”
Preparing one of the Lake St. Moritz rinks by flooding it with water.
Subjects: lake
emlb-sb-004_129-wood-sleighs-near-the-kulmEMLB SB 4 4.129 “Wood sleighs near the Kulm.”
Horse-drawn sleighs laden with wooden beams make their way towards Maison Pidermann near Hotel Kulm.
Subjects: Horse-drawn sleighs, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_130-feb-23rd-1895-horses-sleighEMLB SB 4 4.130 “Feb 23rd 1895.”
Village life on St. Moritz. Horse-drawn sleighs are being loaded.
Subjects: Horse-drawn sleigh
emlb-sb-004_131-pluto-at-windowEMLB SB 4 4.131 “Pluto ‘only a face at the window’!”
Bernese mountain dog, Pluto, looks out the window embodying the song, “Only a Face at the Window” by W. Ampadoc.
Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dog
emlb-sb-004_132-no-caption-dog-looks-out-windowEMLB SB 4 4.132 No caption.
Bernese mountain dog, Pluto, looks out the window of Kulm Hotel.
Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dog, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_133-the-race-skies-vs-snow-shoesEMLB SB 4 4.133 “The race -skis v snowshoes-”
A man bends over to fasten his snowshoes, while another man, perhaps Arthur Conan Doyle, looks towards the camera. A man with a hat box walks in the background.
Subjects: Snowshoes
emlb-sb-004_134-no-caption-man-with-snow-shoesEMLB SB 4 4.134 No Caption
A man walks down a path with his snowshoes slung over his back. (Presumed to be H.W. Topham, winner of the St. Moritz Grand National of 1894.
Subjects: Snow shoese
emlb-sb-004_135-man-with-snow-shoes-man-with-skiesEMLB SB 4 4.135 No Caption
Ski and snowshoe race, taken as the racers advance towards the camera.
Subjects: Snow shoes
emlb-sb-004_136-sunset-with-a-fohn-wind-feb-1895-hotel-kulmEMLB SB 4 4.136 “From the Kulm. Sunset, with a föhn wind. Feb 1895.”
A St. Moritz sunset as seen from the Hotel Kulm. In the foreground are chimneys and the Villa Languard. In the background is Muottas da Schlarigna and Piz Albris.
Subjects: mountains, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_137-chalet-schickler-from-near-the-rinks-mountains-snowdriftsEMLB SB 4 4.137 “Chalet Schickler, from near the rinks.”
Chalet Schickler. Behind It rise Piz da Staz, right, and Muottas da Schlarigna.
Subjects: mountians, snowdrifts
emlb-sb-004_138-chalet-schickler-jan-1895-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.138 “Chalet Schickler. Jan 1895.”
A landscape of Chalet Schickler. At the gate are two sleighs and Pluto, while in the background are Las Sours and Piz Languard.
Subjects: mountains
emlb-sb-004_139-on-feb-15th-effie-holland-and-i-drive-to-chiavannaEMLB SB 4 4.139 “On Feb 15th, Effie Holland and I drive to Chiavanna.”
At Chivanna with Effie Holland in front of a carved wooden doorway under the Swiss cross and the inscription, “UFFICO DEL REGISTRO”, Registry Office. A woman in a basket on her back is traversing the doorway.
Subjects: Registry office
emlb-sb-004_140-and-next-day-go-to-milan-along-the-shores-of-lake-comoEMLB SB 4 4.140 “and next day go to Milan, along the shores of Lake Como.”
Lake Como, with its alpine peaks.
Subjects: lake, mountains
emlb-sb-004_141-and-by-train-via-leccoEMLB SB 4 4.141 “and by train via Lecco.”
Fumes of smoke from a steam engine blow into the air as men with pick axes work on the railway in Lecco, near Lake Como.
Subjects: train, railway
emlb-sb-004_142-we-spend-most-of-our-time-skating-at-the-arena-which-is-floodedEMLB SB 4 4.142 “We spend most of our time skating at the arena which is flooded’.
Men and women skate English style, while Mr. Readhead is skating International style in an arena turned ice-rink in Milan.
Subjects: ice-skating
emlb-sb-004_143-and-where-mr-readhead-makes-a-sensation-ice-skatingEMLB SB 4 4.143 “and where Mr Readhead makes a sensation.”
Mr. Readhead skates International style for spectators at the ice-rink in Milan. A woman in the background has a chatelaine with a watch. To the right is an arc. Mr. Redhead’s silhouette has been outlined.
Subjects: ice-skating
emlb-sb-004_144-mr-readheads-inside-back-ice-skatingEMLB SB 4 4.144 “Mr Readhead’s inside back.”
Mr. Redhead ice-skates the inside back maneuver at the ice rink in Milan.
Subjects; ice-skating
emlb-sb-004_145-jumping-chairs-is-much-in-vogue-ice-skating-tricksEMLB SB 4 4.145 “Jumping chairs is much in vogue.”
At the ice-rink arena in Milan, an ice-skater jumps over six chairs.
Subjects: ice-skating
emlb-sb-004_146-hockey-at-the-arenaEMLB SB 4 4.146 “Hockey at the arena.”
At the ice-rink arena in Milan, men are playing hockey.
Subjects: hockey
emlb-sb-004_147-the-cresta-run-is-opened-from-the-stable-crossing-on-feb-24th-1895EMLB SB 4 4.147 “The Cresta run is opened from the stable crossing on Feb 24th 1895.”
Back in St. Moritz, the Cresta Run is open.
Subjects: Cresta Run
emlb-sb-004_148-no-caption-woman-sits-in-chair-fancy-hatEMLB SB 4 4.148 No caption.
Portrait of the milliner, Countess Fabricotti, looking to the left.
emlb-sb-004_149-woman-in-chair-fancy-hatEMLB SB 4 4.149 No caption.
Portrait of the milliner, Countess Fabricotti.
emlb-sb-004_150EMLB SB 4 4.150 “Mr Labouchere ride the bank low.”
Mr. Labouchere on the Cresta, riding skeleton.
Subjects: sledding, Cresta Run
emlb-sb-004_151-mr-hill-at-bulpetts-corner-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.151 “Mr Hill at Bulpett’s corner.”
Bulpett’s Corner, on the Cresta. Mr. Hill rides skeleton.
Subjects: sledding, Cresta Run
EMLB SB 4 4.152 “Where they all, including Ralph Pulitzer, declare that they never break!”
Perhaps this is the young heir and future newspaper publisher, Ralph Pulitzer, skeleton racing on the Cresta.
Subjects: sledding, Cresta Run
emlb-sb-004_153-mr-cook-waits-for-the-word-starting-line-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.153 “Mr Cook waits for the world.”
Mr. Cook holds his sled at the top of the Cresta.
Subjects: sledding, Cresta Run
emlb-sb-004_154-at-the-top-of-the-run-sleds-women-on-sledsEMLB SB 4 4.154 “at the top of the run.”
At the top of the Cresta, a group of cushioned skeleton sleds wait for their racers.
Subjects: sledding, Cresta Run
emlb-sb-004_155-just-started-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.155 “just started”
At the top of the Cresta, a racer begins his run.
Subjects: sledding, Cresta Run
emlb-sb-004_156-mr-saunderson-on-scylla-sledding-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.156 “Mr. Saunderson on Scylla.”
Mr. Saunderson on the Cresta Run, heading over the Scylla. Peaks rice in the right.
Subjects: mountains, Cresta Run, sledding
emlb-sb-004_157-below-stable-crossing-sledding-hills-mounatinsEMLB SB 4 4.157 “Below stable crossing.”
A large hill descends towards some distance stables. The stable crossing is a marker point of the Cresta Run.
Subjects: sledding, mountains, Cresta Run
emlb-sb-004_158-below-stable-crossing-sledding-man-watches-the-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.158 “Below stable crossing.”
The Cresta is an ice-run. Snow has been compressed and covered and recovered with ice so that the skeleton racers can reach top speeds.
Subjects: sledding, Cresta Run
emlb-sb-004_159-mons-bertron-on-the-cresa-leap-sledding-pines-hillsEMLB SB 4 4.159 “Mons. Bertron on the Cresa leap.”
Monsieur Bertron makes a leap during the Cresta.
Subjects: sledding, Cresta Run
emlb-sb-004_160-mr-bulpett-does-his-steering-in-the-air-just-before-the-finish-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.160 “Mr. Bulpett does his steering in the air, just before the finish.”
Mr. Bulpett in the air as he skeleton races. Spectators cheer him on at the check points.
Subjects: sledding, Cresta Run
emlb-sb-004_161-cresta-leap-hon-frances-gibson-march-1st-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.161 “Cresta Leap. Hon. Frances Gibson. March 1st.”
Hon. Frances Gibson takes the Cresta leap.
Subjects: sledding, Cresta Run
emlb-sb-004_162-study-of-snow-jan-1895-snowdrift-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.162 “Study of snow. Jan. 1895.”
Snow clings to a ledge in St. Moritz. Behind is a street lamp and a house.
Subjects: snowdrifts, mountains
emlb-sb-004_163-last-corner-of-cresta-run-march-1st-1895-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.163 “Last corner of Cresta run. March 1st/95”
On the last corner of the Cresta Run. On the banks of the ice-run, men shovel snow
Subjects: sledding, Cresta Run
emlb-sb-004_164-kulm-stables-feb-1895-man-with-horse-and-cartEMLB SB 4 4.164 “Kulm Stables. Feb. 1895.”
The stables at Hotel Kulm.
Subjects: horses, Kulm Hotel
emlb-sb-004_165-countess-fabricotti-or-rather-a-libel-on-her-feb-1985EMLB SB 4 4.165 “Countess Fabricotti, (or rather a libel on her) Feb. 1985”
A blurred portrait of the milliner, Countess Fabricotti.
emlb-sb-004_166-countess-fabricotti-feb-1895-pluto-at-her-feetEMLB SB 4 4.166 “Countess Fabricotti. Feb. 1895.”
Portrait of the milliner, Countess Fabricotti, with the Bernese mountain dog, Pluto, at her feet.
Subjects: Rescue/Mountain Dog
emlb-sb-004_167-effie-holland-feb-1895EMLB SB 4 4.167 “Effie Holland. Feb. 1895.”
Profile of Effie Holland.
emlb-sb-004_168-grand-stand-grand-national-sleddersEMLB SB 4 4.168 “Competitors, Grand National. 1895. (outer hall.) 1st, H.W. Topham, 2nd, Mr. Bird, 3rd, Ralph Pulitzer”
Group portrait of the competitors and champions of the Grand National 1895, a skeleton racing championship. First row, from left: Unknown man, Mr. Bird (2nd place), H.W. Topcham (1st place), Ralph Pulitzer (3rd place), and an unknown man. Fourth from right is Mr. E. Oppenheim.
Subjects: Grand National, sledders
emlb-sb-004_169-grand-stand-grand-national-spectators-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.169 “Grand Stand. Grand National.”
Spectators await the skeleton racers at the Grand National in St. Moritz.
Subjects: Grand National, spectators
emlb-sb-004_170-ralph-pulitzer-church-leap-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.170 “Ralph Pulitzer, church leap.”
At the Grand National, Ralph Pulitzer takes the church leap as spectators stand by
Subjects: Grand National, skeleton racing
emlb-sb-004_171-what-time-did-he-do-man-with-a-snow-shovelEMLB SB 4 4.171 “What time did he do?”
Skeleton racing one at a time at the Grand National, the fastest wins. Times are kept at the finish line by a man wearing a crusader cap.
Subjects: skeleton racing, Grand National
emlb-sb-004_172-those-who-decide-the-race-the-judges-standEMLB SB 4 4.172 “Those who decide the race.”
The judges’ stand at the Grand National.
Subjects: Grand National
emlb-sb-004_173-ready-man-with-sled-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.173 “Ready!”
A skeleton racer at the starting line with his sled.
Subjects: mountains, sledder
emlb-sb-004_174-the-start-of-the-winner-of-the-gd-national-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.174 “The start of the winner of the Gd. National.”
H.P. Topham mounts his sled at the start of the Grand National skeleton race.
Subjects: Grand National, skeleton racing
emlb-sb-004_176-at-the-start-grand-national-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.176 “At the start.”
At the starting line of the Grand National, skeleton racers wait their turn. Their cushioned sleds are in the snow. A steeple protrudes from the background.
Subjects: Grand National, skeleton racing
emlb-sb-004_178-mr-freemans-start-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.178 “Mr. Freeman’s start.”
Mr. Freeman mounts his sled at the starting line of the Grand National.
Subjects: Grand National, skeleton racing
emlb-sb-004_179-study-of-the-skeletons-man-studies-the-sledsEMLB SB 4 4.179 “ Study of skeletons.”
Skeleton racers at the Grand National consider their sleds, especially the rails.
Subjects: Grand National, skeleton racing
emlb-sb-004_180-h-w-topham-starting-for-the-2nd-course-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.180 “H.W. Topham starting for the 2nd course.”
H.W. Topham at the starting line of the second course during the Grand National.
Subjects: Grand National, skeleton racing
emlb-sb-004_181-hon-h-gibbions-start-chapel-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.181 “Hon. H. Gibson’s start.”
Hon. H. Gibson starts his descent from the starting line during the Grand National skeleton race.
Subjects: Grand National, skeleton racing, chapel
emlb-sb-004_182-battledore-with-awnings-sled-courseEMLB SB 4 4. 182 “Battledore (with awnings).”
A skeleton racer takes a turn of the Grand National run, which equipped with awnings resembling battledores.
Subjects: Grand National, skeleton racing
emlb-sb-004_183-at-the-start-waiting-their-turns-gd-natinal-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.183 “At the start. Waiting their turn (Gd. National, ’95)”
At the starting line of the Grand National, skeleton racers await their turn
Subjects: Grand National, skeleton racing
emlb-sb-004_184-battledore-sled-course-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.184 “Battledore.”
The Battledore turn at the Grand National skeleton race.
Subjects: Grand National, skeleton racing
emlb-sb-004_185-battledore-sled-course-sleddingEMLB SB 4 4.185 “Battledore.”
The Battledore turn at the Grand National skeleton race.
Subjects; Grand National, skeleton racing
emlb-sb-004_186-no-caption-sledding-sled-courseEMLB SB 4 4.186 No Caption.
A racer finishing the Battledore turn during the Grand National skeleton race.
Subjects: Grand National, skeleton racing
emlb-sb-004_187-some-of-the-competitors-gd-nationalEMLB SB 4 4. 187 “Some of the competitors. Gd. National.”
Competitors, and winners, of the 1895 Grand National skeleton race. First row, from left: Unknown man, Mr. Bird (2nd place), H.W. Topcham (1st place), Ralph Pulitzer (3rd place), and an unknown man. Mr. E. Oppenheim stands above the championship cup.
Subjects: Grand National
emlb-sb-004_188-tennis-tournament-st-mortiz-march-1895EMLB SB 4 4.188 “Tennis tournament, St. Moritz. March ‘95.”
Miss Pennington Legh a man play doubles tennis at St. Moritz.
Subjects: tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_189-miss-pennington-legh-tennisEMLB SB 4 4.189 “Miss Pennington Legh.”
Miss Pennington Legh serves the tennis ball.
Subjects: tennis,
emlb-sb-004_190-curling-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.190 “Curling.”
A curling match on Lake St. Moritz.
Subjects: curling, frozen lake
emlb-sb-004_191-sir-conan-doyle-as-a-viking-st-moritz-march-1895EMLB SB 4 4.191 “Dr. Conan Doyle, as a Viking. St. Moritz, March 1895.”
Subjects: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
emlb-sb-004_192-sir-conan-doyle-as-a-vikingEMLB SB 4 4.192 “Dr. Conan Doyle.”
Subjects: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
emlb-sb-004_193-a-wicked-libel-may-1895EMLB SB 4 4.193 “A wicked libel. May, 1895.” Side view of seated woman.
emlb-sb-004_194-no-caption-libel-sitting-downEMLB SB 4 4.194 No Caption. Same woman as photo #EMLB SB 4 4.193, turned toward camera.
emlb-sb-004_195-no-caption-a-lady-sitting-in-a-chair-leaning-backEMLB SB 4 4.195 No Caption. Same woman again, in white shirtwaist, sitting outside cabin.
emlb-sb-004_196-no-caption-two-men-a-a-women-in-a-boatEMLB SB 4 4.196 No Caption. Same woman with two men in boater hats, under striped awning.
emlb-sb-004_197-the-first-three-in-the-ladies-grand-national-1895-st-moritzEMLB SB 4 4.197 “Hon. Frances Gibson. Cissy Saunderson. Esther Saunderson. The first three in the ladies Grand National, 1895. St. Moritz.”
Subjects: Grand National
emlb-sb-004_198-the-winners-of-the-mens-and-of-the-ladies-grand-nationalof-1895-st-moritzEMLB SB 4 4.198 “The winners of the men’s and of the ladies “Grand National” of 1895 (St. Moritz).” Shows man standing with sled, young woman reclining on hers. See # EMLB SB 4 4.202: “H.W. Topham, winner of the St. Moritz Grand National of 189EMLB SB 4 4.
Subjects: Grand National
emlb-sb-004_199-my-boat-off-st-gingolphEMLB SB 4 4.199”My boat off St. Gingolph.” From harbour looking out.
Subject: lake, sailboat
emlb-sb-004_200-the-harbour-april-1895-boatsEMLB SB 4 4.200 “The harbour. April, 1895.”
Subjects: lake, sailboat
emlb-sb-004_201-near-villeneuve-swan-lake-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.201 “Near Villeneuve.” Swan in foreground.
Subjects: lake, sailboat, swan
emlb-sb-004_202-h-w-hw-topham-winner-of-the-st-moritz-grand-national-of-1894-and-of-1895EMLB SB 4 4.202 “H.W. Topham, winner of the St. Moritz Grand National of 1894, and of 1895.”
Subjects: Grand National
emlb-sb-004_203-st-saphorin-from-the-lake-oct-1895EMLB SB 4 4.203 “St. Saphorin from the lake. Oct. 1895.”
Subjects: lake, mountains
emlb-sb-004_204-villa-rosemont-territet-capt-mrs-gibbs-and-lancie-oct-1895EMLB SB 4 4.204 “Villa Rosemont, Territet. Capt. & Mrs. Gibbs and Lancie. Oct. 1895.”
emlb-sb-004_205-messrs-e-l-oppenheim-and-joseph-pollinger-zermatt-october-1st-1895EMLB SB 4 4.205 “Messrs E. & L. Oppenheim and Joseph Pollinger. Zermatt. October 1st, 1895.”
Three men in climbing gear.
Subjects: mountain climbing
emlb-sb-004_206-as-it-is-very-hot-mr-oppenheim-suggests-that-capt-finn-shall-row-he-does-so-gracefully-and-with-a-resigned-aspectEMLB SB 4 4.206. “As it is very hot, Mr. Oppenheim suggests that Capt. Finn shall row. He does so, gracefully and with a resigned aspect.”
Man in boater hat and boiled collar/shirtfront, rowing.
Subjects: rowing
emlb-sb-004_207-lake-of-geneva-april-1895-sailboatEMLB SB 4 4.207 No Individual Captions. Page caption: “Lake of Geneva. April. 1895.”
Photo shows sailboat with twin sails, small rowboat approaching. Water glassy.
Subjects: lake, sailboat
emlb-sb-004_208-no-caption-lake-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.208 No Caption.
Lake with mountains in back
Subjects: mountains, lake
emlb-sb-004_209-no-caption-lake-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.209 No Caption.
Large shrub in foreground, lake & mountains in back.
Subjects: mountains, lake, shrubbery
emlb-sb-004_210-no-caption-lake-sailboat-rowboatEMLB SB 4 4.210 No Caption.
Twin-sailed boat, small rowboat nearby. Water glassy.
Subjects: sailboat, lake
emlb-sb-004_211-no-caption-sailboats-rowboat-lake-swanEMLB SB 4 4.211 No Caption.
Three sailboats, sails furled, rafted together, with swan nearby. Glassy water.
Subjects: sailboat, lake, swan
emlb-sb-004_212-no-caption-mountains-lakeEMLB SB 4 4.212 No Caption.
Dark photo of lake and mountains.
Subjects: lake, mountains
emlb-sb-004_213-no-caption-lake-swan-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.213 No Caption.
Swan near photographer.
Subjects: swan, lake, mountains
emlb-sb-004_214-no-caption-lake-sailboat-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.214 No Caption.
Distant photo of twin-sailed boat on lake, mountains in background
Subjects: sailboat, lake, mountains
emlb-sb-004_215-no-caption-lake-two-sailboats-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.215 No Caption.
Two sailboats on glassy water, with reeds in foreground.
Subjects: sailboats, lake
emlb-sb-004_216-mrs-holland-learns-bicycling-womann-bicycle-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.216 “Mrs. Holland learns bicycling.”
Woman approaching viewer on bicycle.
Subjects: bicycle, mountains
emlb-sb-004_217-july-1895-woman-bicycle-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.217 “July 1895.”
Woman bicycling away from viewer.
Subjects: bicycle, mountains
emlb-sb-004_218-and-so-do-i-woman-bicyclingEMLB SB 4 4.218 “And so do I!”
Woman in light-colored dress bicycling toward viewer.
Subjects: bicycle, mountains
emlb-sb-004_219-no-caption-woman-on-bicycle-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.219 No Caption.
Woman in light-colored dress cycling across picture from right to left.
Subjects: bicycle, mountains
emlb-sb-004_220-lawn-tennis-tournament-at-st-moritz-august-1895EMLB SB 4 4.220 “Lawn Tennis Tournament at St. Moritz . August 195. “
Championship of Switzerland.
Subjects: lawn tennis
emlb-sb-004_221-countess-palffy-misses-a-ballEMLB SB 4 4.221 “Countess Palffy misses a ball.”
Mixed doubles
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_222-mlle-de-fenelon-hon-v-gibson-v-dr-adie-and-partnerEMLB SB 4 4.222 “Mlle. De Fénelon & Hon. V. Gibson v. Dr. Adie and partner."
Same group as #EMLB SB 4 4.221, different view.
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_223-the-kulm-and-grand-stand-tennis-tournamentEMLB SB 4 4.223 “The Kulm and Grand stand.”
Crowd watching tennis match.
Subjects: lawn tennis
emlb-sb-004_224-the-zwei-schwestern-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.224 “The Zwei Schwestêrn.”
Large cleft in mountaintop.
Subjects: mountains
emlb-sb-004_225-schocher-in-the-kamin-man-mountain-climbingEMLB SB 4 4.225 “Schocher in the Kamin.”
Man climbing cleft in mountain.
Subjects: mountains, mountain climbing
emlb-sb-004_226-mrs-percy-farrar-on-the-schwestern-august-1895EMLB SB 4 4.226 “Mrs. Percy Farrar on the Schwestêrn. August 1895.”
Woman sitting on rock atop mountain.
Subjects: mountains, mountain climbing
emlb-sb-004_227-mrs-farrar-and-martin-schocher-on-the-zwei-schwesternEMLB SB 4 4.227 “Mrs. Farrar and Martin Schocher on the Zwei Schwestêrn.”
Subjects: mountains
emlb-sb-004_228-the-three-peaks-of-the-blumen-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.228 “The three peaks of the Blumen.”
This exact image, but blown up to 8x10, can be seen as #EMLB SB 4 4.293.
Subjects: mountains
emlb-sb-004_229-august-1895-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.229 “August 1895.”
Another view of the Blumen’s three peaks
Subjects: mountains
emlb-sb-004_230-st-moritz-tennis-match-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.230 “St. Moritz.”
Tennis courts and bleachers of viewers
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_231-countess-palffy-and-dr-holland-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.231 “Countess Palffy and Dr. Holland.”
On tennis courts
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_232-the-umpire-mountains-tennisEMLB SB 4 4.232 “The umpire.”
Also two young boys in sailor suits sitting on top of wall near umpire.
Subjects: lawn tennis
emlb-sb-004_233-the-grand-stand-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.233 “The Grand stand.”
Bleachers of viewers and three tennis players – mixed doubles.
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_234-the-slabs-of-the-drei-blumen-mountains-with-snowEMLB SB 4 4.234 “The slabs of the Drei Blumen.”
Rocky mountain, with some snow.
Subjects: mountains, snow
emlb-sb-004_235-a-party-on-the-summit-august-1895-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.235 “A party on the summit. August, 1895.”
Group sitting on top of very small peak.
Subjects: mountains, mountain climbing
emlb-sb-004_236-no-caption-tennis-mountains-church-towerEMLB SB 4 4.236 No Caption.
View of the tennis umpire.
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_237-dr-holland-and-mr-cousins-v-messrs-vines-johnson-tennisEMLB SB 4 4.237 “Dr. Holland and Mr. Cousins v. Messrs Vines & Johnson."
Men’s doubles.
Subjects: lawn tennis, men's doubles
emlb-sb-004_238-the-same-as-above-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.238 “The same as above.”
Subjects: lawn tennis, men's doubles
emlb-sb-004_239-the-same-tennis-mens-doubles-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.239 “The same.”
Subjects: lawn tennis, men's doubles
emlb-sb-004_240-a-cold-day-during-the-tournament-tennisEMLB SB 4 4.240 “A cold day during the tournament.”
Bleachers full, overcast & windy.
Subjects: lawn tennis
emlb-sb-004_241-mlle-de-fenelon-hon-v-gibson-in-the-1st-round-tennisEMLB SB 4 4.241 “Mlle de Fénelon & Hon. V. Gibson in the 1st round.”
Subjects: lawn tennis, men's doubles
emlb-sb-004_242-no-caption-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.242 No Caption.
Lg. photo of bleachers with viewers, woman on court in foreground. Sunny day.
Subjects: lawn tennis
emlb-sb-004_243-no-caption-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.243 No Caption.
Lg. Photo from other direction of same scene as above.
Subjects: lawn tennis
emlb-sb-004_244-no-caption-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.244 No Caption.
Men’s doubles on court.
Subjects: lawn tennis, men's doubles
emlb-sb-004_245-archie-holland-august-1895EMLB SB 4 4.245 “Archie Holland, August 1895.”
Young boy in sailor suit and straw hat, holding tennis racket
emlb-sb-004_246-mrs-holland-about-to-mountEMLB SB 4 4.246 “Mrs. Holland about to mount.”
Lady in white shirtwaist preparing to get on bicycle.
Subjects: bicycle, bicycling
emlb-sb-004_247-the-tournament-on-a-hot-day-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.247 “The tournament on a hot day.”
Mixed doubles in sunlight.
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_248-no-caption-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.248 No Caption.
Same mixed doubles, with umpire stand on left of photo.
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_249-no-caption-tennis-mountains-snow-bankEMLB SB 4 4.249 No Caption.
Different mixed doubles play with snowbank on side of court.\
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles, snowbank
emlb-sb-004_250-roman-imboden-sep-1895-man-smoking-pipeEMLB SB 4 4.250 “Roman Imboden. Sep. 1895.”
Man sitting in wicker butler’s chair, smoking a pipe.
Subjects: tobacco
emlb-sb-004_251-going-to-church-zermatt-sep-1895EMLB SB 4 4.251 “Going to church. Zermatt, Sep. 1895.”
Rear view of two ladies walking along village street.
Subjects: village life
emlb-sb-004_252-gentinetta-zermatt-1895-man-sitting-in-a-wicker-chairEMLB SB 4 4.252 “Gentinetta. Zermatt. 1895.”
Bearded man sitting in rattan chair before shrubbery.
emlb-sb-004_253-joseph-pollinger-sep-1895-young-man-with-pipe-pickaxe-and-ropeEMLB SB 4 4.253 “Joseph Pollinger Sep. 1895.”
Young man with pipe, rope and pickaxe.
Subjects: tobacco, mountain climbing gear
emlb-sb-004_254-countess-palffy-and-dr-holland-in-the-first-round-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.254 “Countess Palffy and Dr. Holland in the first round.”
Mixed doubles.
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_255-mrs-loyd-and-her-son-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.255 “Mrs. Loyd and her son.”
More mixed doubles. Son is hat less.
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_256-dr-holland-smashing-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.256 “Dr. Holland ‘smashing’.”
Men’s doubles, with umpire stand on left.
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_257-dr-holland-mr-cousins-v-mr-styl-and-hon-v-gibson-mr-cousins-has-just-lobbedEMLB SB 4 4.257 “Dr. Holland & Mr. Cousins v. Mr. Styl and Hon. V. Gibson. Mr. Cousins has just lobbed.”
Subjects: lawn tennis, men's doubles
emlb-sb-004_263-zermatt-just-in-the-foregroundEMLB SB 4 4.263 “Zermatt. Jost in the foreground.”
Street scene, people walking along street.
Subjects: village life
emlb-sb-004_264-mrs-holland-and-mr-cousins-v-tennisEMLB SB 4 4.264 “Mrs. Holland and Mr. Cousins v ?”
More mixed doubles.
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_265-mlle-de-fenelon-rec-15-self-scratch-mlle-de-fenelon-walks-over-finals-of-the-handicapEMLB SB 4 4.265 “Mlle de Fénelon rec. 15. Self, scratch. Mlle de Fénelon walks over. Finals of the Handicap.”
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_266-countess-palffy-dr-holland-v-mr-vines-partnerEMLB SB 4 4.266 “Countess Palffy & Dr. Holland, v. Mr. Vines & partner.”
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_267-the-same-a-jump-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.267 “The same. A jump.”
Good action shot of a man in the air going for a shot.
Subjects: lawn tennis, doubles
emlb-sb-004_268-on-the-scerseen-glacier-august-1895-snow-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.268 “On the Scerseen Glacier. August 1895.”
Four men, one woman, roped together, standing at foot of glacier.
Subjects: snow, mountains, glaciers, mountain climbing
emlb-sb-004_269-climbing-the-boulder-zermatt-wellenkuppe-in-the-backgroundEMLB SB 4 4.269 “Climbing the boulder, Zermatt. Wellenkuppe in the background.”
Men climbing steeply sloping rock.
Subjects: mountains, mountain climbing
emlb-sb-004_270-piz-scerscen-piz-bernina-crast-aguzza-from-the-scerscen-glacierEMLB SB 4 4.270 “Piz Scerscen. Piz Bernina. Crast’ Aguzza. From the Scerscen Glacier.”
Subjects: mountains, glaciers
emlb-sb-004_271-piz-roseg-gussfeldt-saddle-piz-scerscen-from-the-scerscen-glacierEMLB SB 4 4.271 “Piz Roseg. Güssfeldt Saddle. Piz Scerscen. From the Scerscen Glacier.”
Subjects: mountains, glaciers
emlb-sb-004_273-piz-palu-from-the-bellavista-passEMLB SB 4 4.273 “Piz Palü from the Bellavista Pass."
Subjects: mountains, snow
emlb-sb-004_274-no-caption-a-group-of-men-with-mountain-gear-and-pickaxesEMLB SB 4 4.27EMLB SB 4 4. No Caption.
Several men, with a priest looking toward camera, and holding rope.
Subjects: mountain climbing, mountain climbing gear
emlb-sb-004_275-mr-vines-to-mr-cousins-tennisEMLB SB 4 4.275“Mr. Vines to Mr. Cousins.”
Top of player’s head, view of stand full of spectators.
Subjects: lawn tennis, men's singles
emlb-sb-004_276-the-same-tennis-man-servingEMLB SB 4 4.276 “The Same.”
Better photo of players, and spectators.
Subjects: lawn tennis, men's singles
emlb-sb-004_277-an-ascent-of-monte-rosa-without-guides-jost-is-very-anxiousEMLB SB 4 4.277 ”An ascent of Monte Rosa without guides. Jost is very anxious.”
Man climbing side of building beside first floor awning.
Subjects: climbing, village life
emlb-sb-004_278-and-gets-still-more-so-as-the-climber-nears-the-summitEMLB SB 4 4.278 “and gets still more so as the climber nears the summit.”
Man is above awning, hanging from wrought-iron balcony.
Subjects: climbing, village life
emlb-sb-004_279-in-the-off-season-jost-fetches-the-beer-from-the-mont-cervinEMLB SB 4 4.279 “In the off season, Jost fetches the beer from the Mont Cervin.”
Man approaches camera with shopping bag in hand, and shading eyes from sun.
Subjects: village life
emlb-sb-004_280-zermatt-scenic-view-of-a-villageEMLB SB 4 4.280 “Zermatt.”
Scenic shot of village.
Subjects: villages
emlb-sb-004_281-from-the-first-bridge-above-zermatt-village-moutainsEMLB SB 4 4.281 “From the first bridge above Zermatt.”
Similar shot to above.
Subjects: villages
emlb-sb-004_282-sunday-morning-at-zermatt-street-view-of-a-villageEMLB SB 4 4.282 “Sunday morning at Zermatt.”
Back view of two women dressed up for church, with fancy hats.
Subjects: village life
emlb-sb-004_283-the-finals-of-the-handicap-mr-cousins-gives-mr-vines-heavy-points-and-beats-himEMLB SB 4 4.283 “The finals of the handicap: Mr. Cousins gives Mr. Vines heavy points and beats him.”
Man walks along tennis court, crowd watching from bleachers.
Subjects: lawn tennis, men's singles
emlb-sb-004_284-no-caption-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.284 No Caption.
Another shot of man on court, bleachers of spectators.
Subjects: lawn tennis, men's singles
emlb-sb-004_285-crowd-dispersing-after-the-tournament-tennisEMLB SB 4 4.285 “Crowd dispersing after the tournament.”
Subjects: lawn tennis
emlb-sb-004_286-mr-vines-serving-tennis-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.286 Mr. Vines Serving.
Man on tennis court serving, with left foot on line.
Subjects: lawn tennis, men's singles
emlb-sb-004_287-a-picnic-by-the-old-rhone-october-1895EMLB SB 4 4.287 “A picnic by the “old” Rhone. October, 1895.”
Three ladies, two umbrellas, one man.
Subjects: picnics
emlb-sb-004_288-no-caption-woman-on-tennis-court-in-front-of-old-bulidingEMLB SB 4 4.288 No Caption.
Woman standing on tennis court at net, below large building with sign “Grand Hotel.”
Subject: tennis
emlb-sb-004_289-the-strong-man-of-chillon-1895EMLB SB 4 4.289 “The ‘strong man’ of Chillon. 1895”
Muscular man standing beside bicycle.
Subjects: strong man, bicycle
emlb-sb-004_290-no-caption-the-strong-man-with-a-bicycleEMLB SB 4 4.290 No Caption.
Very similar photo as above.
Subjects: strong man, bicycle
emlb-sb-004_291-giving-away-the-prizes-august-1895-crowd-shotEMLB SB 4 4.291 “Giving away the prizes. August 1895.”
Crowd scene.
emlb-sb-004_292-sunday-morning-at-zermatt-sep-1895-street-sceneEMLB SB 4 4.292 “Sunday morning at Zermatt. Sep. 1895.” Rear view of village women in black dresses and kerchiefs on their heads.
Subjects: village life
emlb-sb-004_293-a-party-on-the-drei-blumen-mountain-climbersEMLB SB 4 4.293 “A party on the Drei Blumen.”
Climbers silhouetted at top of rocks.
Subjects: mountains, mountain climbing
emlb-sb-004_294-going-up-the-slabs-of-the-drei-blumen-august-1895-mounatin-climbersEMLB SB 4 4.294 “Going up the slabs of the Drei Blumen. August, 1895.”
Subjects: mountains, mountain climbing
emlb-sb-004_295-a-party-on-the-top-jeer-at-us-as-we-descend-the-central-peak-however-they-kindly-leave-their-rope-hanging-down-the-slabs-for-our-useEMLB SB 4 4.295 “A party on the top jeer at us as we descend the central peak. However, they kindly leave their rope hanging down the slabs for our use.” Group of climbers on rocky peak.
Subjects: mountains, mountain climbing
emlb-sb-004_296-the-hotel-bellevue-sierre-october-1895EMLB SB 4 4.296 “The Hotel Bellevue, Sierre. October 1895.”
emlb-sb-004_297-hotel-du-parc-montana-sierreEMLB SB 4 4.297 “Hotel du Parc, Montana-Sierre.”
Much more rural hotel & setting than Hotel Bellevue.
emlb-sb-004_298-village-of-montana-october-1895-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.298 “Village of Montana. October 1895.” Showing houses and church with bell-tower.
Subjects: mountains, villages
emlb-sb-004_299-no-caption-viallge-scene-with-mountains-in-the-backEMLB SB 4 4.299 No Caption.
Another shot of village of Montana, taken from farther away, showing more houses.
Subjects: mountains, villages
emlb-sb-004_300-about-the-middle-of-october-we-go-for-a-picnic-village-lake-mountainsEMLB SB 4 4.300 “About the middle of October we go for a picnic ...”
Shot of village along lakeside.
Subjects: mountains, villages, lake
EMLB SB 4 4.302 “that we shall bicycle to Avenches, the Aventicum of the Romans. We do so, and I photograph the theatre.”
Man with pipe leaning against the Roman brick ruins.
Subjects: ruins, tobacco
emlb-sb-004_303-we-go-on-to-morat-and-walk-round-the-town-wallsEMLB SB 4 4.303 “We go on to Morat, and walk round the town walls.”
High walls with round towers.
Subjects: ruins
emlb-sb-004_304-column-of-a-temple-of-apollo-at-avenches-locally-known-as-le-cigognier-it-was-at-this-spot-that-the-greater-quantity-of-the-remains-now-in-the-museum-were-found-ruinsEMLB SB 4 4.304 “Column of a temple of Apollo at Avenches, locally known as “le cigognier.” It was at this spot that the greater quantity of the remains, now in the museum, were found. The theatre is only partially excavated, the amphitheatre not at all. Oct. 1895.” Same man in front of column.
Subjects: ruins
emlb-sb-004_305-chateau-of-moratEMLB SB 4 4.305 “Chateau of Morat.”
View from orchard in front of chateau.
Subjects: orchard
emlb-sb-004_306-walls-of-morat-after-this-in-3-days-we-return-to-territet-by-neuchatel-and-orbeEMLB SB 4 4.306 “Walls of Morat. After this, in 3 days, we return to Territet by Neuchâtel and Orbe.”
Subjects: ruins
emlb-sb-004_307-no-caption-woman-in-front-of-big-gate-with-statuesEMLB SB 4 4.307 No Caption.
A women enters an archway with statues decorating it.