VH1Carl Von Hoffman (St. Petersburg, Russia, c. 1889 – New York, New York, USA, 8 July 1982) was a soldier, adventurer, author, and photographer of German ancestry.  Von Hoffman was an explorer and adventurer with treks and accomplishments spanning almost every continent.  This museum was donated 35 artifacts and a handful of his significant photographs by his widow Elinor in the early 1990’s.  Since then the museum has enhanced our Von Hoffman holdings and has produced a special exhibition called “The Captain of Adventure” based on his amazing career.  The exhibition presented onsite here included artifacts such as Von Hoffman’s Jungle Armor from Taiwan, his Blood Brother Drinking Cups and Snake Hunting Kerries from his foot safari from “Cairo to the Cape” teamed with his more famous expedition photos including this one from the Mexican Revolution of the explorer Carl von Hoffman and Pancho Villa, the Mexican revolutionary. Von Hoffman was on assignment from D. W. Griffith to gather factual films of Pancho Villa for use in a Hollywood film. For this, Villa was to be paid $25,000.

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