The Johnsons in AfricaThrough the years of their marriage the Johnsons made nine trips to the South Seas, Borneo, and Africa. Martin cataloged his photographs in his own system consisting of series numbers and letters. The links at the left will take you to a page for each of the nine trips the Johnsons made between 1917 and 1936. Each page will describe that trip and show an example of some of the images included in that gallery or galleries. These galleries appear in the Safari Museum Photograph Gallery according to the series numbers or letters. Some trips are represented by multiple galleries. A link from each page will take you directly to the gallery or galleries for that trip.

Photographs from Johnson Expeditions to South Seas and Borneo between 1917 and 1920

  • Series 250: Photographs at sea, New Zealand, Solomon Islands
  • Series 251: Photographs of Borneo
  • Series 252: Photographs in Australia, New Hebrides (Vanuatu)
  • Series 108: Malekula, New Hebrides (Vanuatu)

Photographs from Johnson Expeditions in East and Central Africa between 1921 and 1930

  • Series “J”: East Africa, Lake Paradise, Singapore, South Africa, Ceylon
  • Series “BJ”: East Africa, Aden, Suez Canal
  • Series “NL”: East Africa, photos from wildlife blinds, Marsabit
  • Series “A”: Eastman-Pomeroy safari, Tanganyika, Serengeti, Lumbwa, Lion Valley, Carl Akeley/American Natural History Museum expeditions
  • Series “B”: Eastman-Kaiser safari, Nile, Uganda Elephant Farm, Serengeti, Lions, 3 Boy Scouts
  • Series “D”: Dryden Trip, in conjunction with Series “E” below

Photographs from the Belgian Congo to the Johnson Flying Expeditions in Africa and Borneo, 1931 to 1936

  • Series “E”: Belgian Congo, gorilla, elephants, pygmies
  • Series “F”: African Flying Safari Photographs, Capetown to Cairo, Mts. Kilimanjaro and Kenya, assorted lakes, aerial images showing animal migratory patterns (8×10)
  • Series “G”: African Flying Safari photographs, Capetown to Cairo, Mts. Kilimanjaro and Kenya, assorted lakes, aerial images showing animal migratory patterns (5×7)
  • Series “H”: Return to Borneo with one Johnson airplane

Miscellaneous Photographs

  • All Johnson original or related photographs that do not fit into a specific trip or are separate due to origin, size, topic, etc. Photographs that fall under this heading include Johnson family, Jack London-related, the Johnsons in the U.S. on tour or vacation, studio portraits, publicity shots, the Johnsons with other people, Vaudeville/Hollywood, oversized circuit photographs, glass plate slides, Johnson positives, mounted lecture shows, photos from Osa while filming Hollywood projects such as Stanley Livingston, Our Gang, etc., as well as a selection of Johnson autographed photos that touch on most of the above categories.