Henshall Archives

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The Henshall Archives consists of correspondence, manuscripts, diaries, articles, publicity, genealogy, supporting documentation for the film collections, speeches, scripts and other records that pertain to the achievements of Martin and Osa Johnson, as well as other personages covered through our collections.




Stott Explorer’s Research Library

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The Stott Explorer’s Research Library contains over 10,000 natural history and biographical books and journals dating from 1636 forward that support and enhance the many collections housed by the museum.








Photographic Collections

carl von hoffman captain of adventure coverThe Core Photographic Collections is a repository for over 20,000 original photographs and negatives produced by pioneer filmmakers Martin and Osa Johnson, Elizabeth Main Le Blond, Carl von Hoffman and several other personages of the early eras of film making and photography.  The Photograph Collection is housed within the Henshall Archives and the Stott Explorer’s Research Library.Elizabeth Main, aka Elizabeth Burnaby.