Project Description

“Living much in the open and studying Nature’s own color and beauty has inspired Mrs. Johnson to contribute freedom and ease, along with grace and alluring hues to Milady’s wardrobe. Here we see her smartly informal, dressed for dinner in the jungle. Even hardship and inconvenience do not permit Osa Johnson from worshiping at the shrine of fashion even when miles from civilization. She has entertained royalty and nobility, and international celebrities unnumbered from many and varied walks of life, with full course formal inners in her jungle camps. Her costume her is white sharkskin, tailored, fitted coat and slacks, worn with yellow, heavy silk blouse decorated by gold and sapphire studs. On breezy evenings Osa wears a sapphire blue scarf over her hair.”

Quote from the NY TIMES review of Osa Johnson as “One of the Top 12 Best-Dressed American Women”