Lizzie Le Blond Photobook 1: "My Home in the Alps”  [352]

Lizzie Le Blond Photobook 1: "My Home in the Alps”

This album, which bears the gilt initials “E. M.” opens with a shot of the region Lizzie honeymooned with her second husband, Dr. Main in 1886. The book then skips ahead to 1888 and includes an astonishing array of photos covering city scenes, mountaineering and winter sports. Lizzie's photograph captions show her humor and her dedication to whatever the subject at hand. In Album 1, she focuses on personal commentary about friends and the scenic landscape she was suddenly immersed within. In later albums, she whimsically discusses how to climb on ropes while in a skirt with captions like “Nevermind Your Womankind!.” She also logs precise mileage on her biking tour and even sets her camera to actual level to demonstrate how much the famed Tower of Pisa is truly leaning. While many of the albums overlap on dates, people and places, each has its own voice and its own distinct individuality that seems to have mirrored the many facets of Lizzie’s own character.