Elizabeth Burnaby Main LeBlond: Queen of the Mountain  [77]

Elizabeth Burnaby Main LeBlond: Queen of the Mountain

Our museum is home to an unprecedented collection of over 2,000 photographs and personal archives of Elizabeth Alice Frances Hawkins-Whitshed Burnaby Main Le Blond (1860-1934). Lizzie, as she was nicknamed, was an author, mountain climber, and one of the world's first female filmmakers. Lizzie was climbing mountains in Victorian skirts and shooting her extraordinary photographs of stunningly scenic glacial landscapes before legendary nature artist Ansel Adams was even born. She is credited with producing the very first sports films, covering the fields of hockey, tobogganing and bobsleigh racing. This online collection of her works corresponds with a special exhibition produced by the Safari Museum® in 2015 with the support of an Heritage Grant from the Kansas Humanities Council. This exhibition focuses on Lizzie's many pioneering achievements as they appear in her eight personal photographic albums our museum now conserves. These photographs, accompanied by Lizzie's own captions and notations, detail many events and personal relationships that were publicly unknown before the albums were discovered and donated to this museum.