Lizzie Le Blond's Album #8: "Day In, Day Out"  [262]

Lizzie Le Blond's Album #8: "Day In, Day Out"

The final two albums in Lizzie Le Blond's collection are a record of her courtship, honeymoon and subsequent travels with Aubrey Le Blond from 1897 to 1902. Images include city tours through Switzerland and France, and camping excursions throughout Norway. Album 8 was the only one in the collection that had glued in photographs. The conservation of this book required hiring a consultant and intern to complete. Museum staff wrote a grant detailing the collection and the conservation stages already completed with a request for funding from the Kansas Humanities Council to complete the final phase. The museum was awarded a KHC Heritage grant in 2015 and Album 8 has been completely digitized. Online you can see the individual photos with there captions, plus view the pages as they appear in the album itself.