There are several ways you can Get Involved with the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum. Consider Volunteering or Interning, Donating, or becoming a member.   Contact us by email ( or phone at 620-431-2730 if you have questions!

Museum Membership

 Membership BJ161 Osa Johnson scouting using binoculars-Isiolo Plains

We survive and thrive thanks to the annual support given by members all over the world!

We have the following Membership Categories:

  • $40 Individual
  • $100 Family
  • $150 Wanderer
  • $300 Adventurer

Remember, a corporate matching gift increases the value of your contribution!
The Museum is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization. Membership dues are deductible to the extent they exceed fair market value of the items received.

Membership for the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum
To pay online, via our Osa’s Ark Gift Store, click on the link below, then click on the  photo to see the benefits for each level. When you have selected the level you would like click “add to cart”

Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum Membership

or if you would like to send your membership to us through the mail, our address is:

The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum,
111 North Lincoln,
Chanute, KS 66720 USA

Thank you for considering us when making your charitable donation decisions!


Volunteering or Interning

Meredith Langfitt, Summer Intern with newly donated South Seas Mask

Volunteers play a vital role at this unique historical and multicultural education center. Applications for volunteers are available year-round at the museum front desk for tour guides, outreach docents, library volunteers, and office assistants at the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum. We have immediate openings for Front Desk Greeters and Museum Store Sales Clerks. Men and women of all ages and backgrounds who enjoy working with the general public – children and adults – are encouraged to apply. Volunteers help bring our exhibits and resources to life by providing specialized tours, presenting workshops and classroom programs, and orienting visitors at our front desk. Please call 620-431-2730 or email us for more information.

If you are interested in becoming an intern, we have several special projects available to be done. To discuss an internship program possibility please contact the Collections Curator at 620-431-2730 or by email.


As with any other museum, we welcome donations! There are several ways you can help and all are appreciated. The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum is a 501(c)(3) organization so you might be able to deduct your contribution for tax purposes (please check with your tax preparer for more information). Below are some of the ways you can help the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum with your generosity:

Johnson Endowment FundE1404 Martin Johnson with camera filming Camel caravan along road

Please help us keep the safari going!  Donating today to our Johnson Legacy Endowment Fund today will ensure the long-term future of the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum. You can personalize your donation or allow it to be used as unrestricted funds. Any way you chose, your help will provide long-term stability for the museum, its collections, and its programs.

Download our Donations and Contributions form and mail it to The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum, 111 N. Lincoln Ave, Chanute, KS 66720. Unless otherwise specified donations will go to one of the following (your choice):

  • General Operating Expenses
  • Imperato African Gallery
  • Stott Explorer’s Llibrary and Selsor Art Gallery
  • Collections Acquisition and Conservation
  • Education

Contributions to the endowment fund are never spent. Instead, interest generated by through investment of endowment funds provide support for different areas of the museum. Donors wishing to leave a significant legacy should consider endowing a staff position. This is a means of ensuring that there will always be, for example, a curator on staff to expand the museum’s popular educational programs and exhibits as well as to protect our valuable collections. Donate online here:

Would you like to donate to help us continue our work?

Johnson Legacy Education Fundthank you letter 3rd grader

    There are so many students who would love to tour the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum on a class field trip. However, due to financial constraints many are not able to do so. We are working to solve this problem, but we need your help. The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum has established the Johnson Legacy Education Fund to assist low income students to visit the museum. The fund will help classrooms that have no field trip money. For every $1 you contribute, one student will be able to come on tour. Please help us bring more school children through our doors to experience the adventure of Martin and Osa Johnson.

Planned Gifting

    Careful financial planning can be beneficial to you and your heirs and can allow you to leave an enduring legacy to support the mission of the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum. Most popular are bequests and living trusts. A bequest is a simple designation in your will or trust that costs nothing during your lifetime. These are easy and revocable if your situation changes. A living trust avoids probate. Just name the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum as a beneficiary in your will. Designating the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum as a beneficiary of a retirement plan gives you a great deal of “bang for your buck.” Check with your financial planner for more information about these options.

Other Ways to Help

    The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum holds fund raisers throughout the year. You can contribute to these as underwriters and as attendees. Put your money to work and have fun at the same time!
    You can shop online and help support the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum:

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Shop at ShopForMuseums

    Artifacts and books can be donated to our collections. Please contact

our curator by email

    or phone at (620) 431-2730 for information and to see if your donation links to our mission.
    Spread the word! Let your friends and neighbors know about the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum!

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