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I Married AdventureHe was brave, daring, sincere, and epitomized the American values of hard work and resourcefulness. He was a master filmmaker who pioneered wildlife cinematography in some of the most untamed regions of the world. He was also a showman who knew how to fill theaters with audiences eager to see films of his latest adventures.

She was beautiful, photogenic, charming, a crack shot, and enjoyed high adventure. She had no equal when it came to tracking wildlife and to organizing the logistics of complex safaris. Yet, she was no tomboy. Her elegant wardrobe and great stage presence earned her the title of one of the best-dressed women in America. Men and women on three continents admired her.

Together, Martin and Osa Johnson were acclaimed filmmakers, photographers and explorers. They were American heroes, who in the style of Richard Byrd and Charles Lindbergh, brought the adventure and fascination of Africa and the South Pacific into the homes of millions of Americans.
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Elizabeth Main Le Blond: Queen of the MountainThe Johnson Safari Museum has received an unprecedented collection of over 2,000 photographs and personal archives of Elizabeth Main Le Blond (1860-1934). Le Blond, an author and mountain climber, is also one of the world’s first female filmmakers. Le Blond was climbing mountains in Victorian skirts and shooting her extraordinary photographs of stunningly scenic glacial landscapes before legendary nature artist Ansel Adams was even born, and she is credited with producing the very first sports films, covering the fields of hockey, tobogganing and bobsledding.

This online collection of her works corresponds with a special exhibition produced by the Safari Museum® in 2015 after completing a Heritage Grant Project awarded by the Kansas Humanities Council. Learn more about the amazing cultural and conservation projects made possible thanks to KHC here.

The captions in our online exhibition include quotes from museum staff and from Elizabeth’s own writings and notations in her eight personal photo albums. The photographs and a select number of artifacts will be available to organizations as a Safari Travelogue program after July 26, 2015

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Through the South Seas with Jack LondonMartin Johnson read of Jack London’s planned voyage around the world and wrote to offer his services to the world-famous author. Jack and his wife Charmian were delighted with the pleasant young man and, despite his complete lack of culinary experience, invited him to join the crew as cook. Johnson proved to be able in many capacities and was the only crew member to stay with the Londons through the entire arduous voyage.
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Masters in the Field: Lithograph ExhibitionNature, in all its color and life, has fascinated people throughout history. At no time was this enchantment expressed more beautifully in art than during the 18th and 19th centuries, an era of extensive curiosity about natural history. As explorers swept across the globe, they sparked an international interest in the natural world and provided vast amounts of information to be studied, compiled and recorded in word and picture.

Artists featured in this exhibition include Johns James Audubon, Gorges Cuvier, John Gould, Henrick Gronvold, Frederick Frohawk, John Gerard Keulesmans, Edwin Landseer, Edward Lear, F.P. Nodder, Jean Gabriel Pretre, Robert Ridgeway, Alexander Wilson and Josef Wolf.
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